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    Linear Algebra

    Determininc subsets

    Determine whether A=B , if A is a subset of set B, if set B is a subset is a subset of A, if set A is a proper subset of set B, if set B is a proper subset of set A , or if none of these applies. A={ x}|x is a sport that use a ball} B={ basketball, soccer, tennis}

    Minimal linearly dependent sets of columns

    Given two matrices {1 2 3 3 9 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 2 3 7 2 4 6 6 18} {9 3 9 3 9 1 3 3 9 0 2 5 6 0 0 2 3 1 3 1} for each one: a) list all minimal linearly dependent sets of columns; b) list all maximal linearly independent sets of columns; c) list all minimal sets of columns which span all columns; a',b',c') The same

    Math 133 Unit 1 Individual Project

    You will need to prepare your answers in MS Word using the student answer form provided. Click here for the answer form. Show all work for full credit; in many cases, you will be able to type your answer without special characters, fonts, or equations, but in a few cases, these features of MS Word will make your work more pres

    Help with Algebra Problems

    1. Add. (-9 + 3n6 + 3n5) + (2n6 + 5n5 + 6) A) 5n6 + 8n5 - 3 B) 10n11 C) 5 + 8n6 - 3n5 D) -7n6 + 8n5 + 9 2. Subtract. (8n7 + 2n6 + 17) - (5n6 + 5n7 + 15) A) 3n7 - 3n6 + 32 B) 3n7 + 7n6 + 32 C) 2n13 D) 3n7 - 3n6 + 2 3. Multiply. 4(5x) A) 20 B) 20x C) 9x D) 9 4. Multiply. -8x2(-10x4 + 9x3) A)

    Linear Equations

    1. Bill has $2,000 in his savings account and x dollars in his checking. Write an expression for the total amount of money Bill has. 2. You want to order T-shirts for your organization. The price is $15 for each T-shirt and $10 for shipping. Write an expression for the amount of money this will cost you. If you want to buy 20

    Eigenvectors, eigenvalues of a transformation

    Suppose a linear transformation is defined by [see the attachement for the equation] where x is a vector in the euclidean plane (R^2). Answer the following: a) What are the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of this transformation? b) Show that the image of x can be represented as a sum of the eigenvectors. c) What does this trans

    Linear Equation and System of Inequalities

    A target heart rate T that is half a person's maximum heart rate is given by T=110 - 1/2A where A is a person's age. (a) What is T for a person 30 years old? 50 years old? (b) Sketch a graph of the system of inequalities. T > 110 - 1/2A T < 220 - A Assume that A is between 20 and 60. (c) Interpret your grap

    Solve a system of linear equations with 3 variables

    Cost of CDs : The accompanying table shows the total cost of purchasing combinations of differently priced CDs. The types of CDs are labeled A, B, and C. A B C Total Cost 1 1 1 $37 3 2 1 $69 1 1 4 $82 (a) Let x be the cost of a CD of type A, y be the cost of a CD

    Linear Algebra, Vector Space and Mapping

    See the attached file. Let Beta = {x_1, ..., x_n} be a basis for a vector space V, and let P be the mapping P((a_1)(x_1) + ... + (a_n)(x_n)) = (a_1)(x_1) + ... + (a_k)(x_k). a) Show that Ker(P) = Span({x_k+1, ..., x_n}) and Im(P) = Span ({x_1, ..., x_k}) b) Show that P^2 = P c) Show conversely that if P:V --> V is an

    Question about Inequalities and Equations

    1.) How many solution sets do systems of linear inequalities have? Must solutions to systems of linear inequalities satisfy both inequalities? In what case might they not? Provide an example and a reference. 2.) Do the equations x = 4y + 1 and x = 4y - 1 have the same solution? How might you explain your answer to someone w

    Find the spectral decomposition

    ** Please see the attached file for the complete solution ** 8) Find the spectral decomposition of A = (please see the attached file) 9) Identify and sketch the conic section given by 3x^2 + 2xy + 3y^2 - 8 = 0


    The techniques for solving linear equations and linear inequalities are similar, yet different. Explain and give an example of both a linear equation and a linear inequality that demonstrates this difference. 1.) Solve and check the linear equation. 5x - 5 = 30 A) {30} B) {34} C) {11} D) {7} 2.) Solve and check th

    Algebra Problems & Solving Linear Equations

    When solving a linear equation in one variable, the objective is to isolate the variable on one side of the equation. What does that mean? Give an example. 1. Add. (9a3 + 3a2) + (5a3 + 6a2) A) 14a6 + 9a4 B) 23a5 C) 14a3 + 9a2 D) 23a10 2. Add. (-9 + 3n6 + 3n5) + (2n6 + 5n5 + 6) A) 5n6 + 8n5 - 3 B) 10n11 C)

    Solving linear systems

    To be efficient, under which conditions would you use graphing elimination or substitution? Provide an example. The three methods of solving linear systems covered are substitution, elimination, and graphing. There are examples posted on the solution field and in the attachment.

    Fuzzy Set Opperations

    Attached is the graphical representation of fuzzy set operations. But how can I represent A minus B? Either explanation in written or graphic form would be fine.

    Rational and Irrational Number Proof

    Prove or disprove each of the following: a. The sum of a rational number and an irrational number is an irrational number. b. The product of two rational numbers is a rational number. c. The product of two irrational numbers is an irrational number. d. The product of a rational number and an irrational number is an irra

    Question Regarding Einstein Summation Convention

    Hello. I had a quick question relating to a confusion I had about the Einstein summation convention: Is writing: h_{ab}u^{a}u^{b} The same as writing: h_{ab}u^{b}u^{a}? Where "_" is a subscript, and ^ indicates superscript. Thanks!

    Solutions to Two Systems of Nonlinear Equations

    Solve the following system of nonlinear equations for the unknown angles alpha, Beta, and lambda, where 0 <= alpha <= 2*pi, 0 <= Beta <= 2*pi, and 0 <= lambda < pi. 2 sin(alpha) - cos(Beta) + 3tan(lambda) = 3 4 sin(alpha) + 2cos(Beta) - 2tan(lambda) = 2 6 sin(alpha) - 3cos(Beta) + tan(lambda) = 9 Solve the following sys

    Example Linear Algebra Problems

    Let 0 denote a 2 x 2 matrix, each of whose entries is 0. a) Is there a 2 x 2 matrix A such that: A does not equal 0 A*A=0? b) Is there a 2 x 2 matrix A such that: A does not equal 0 A*A=A?

    Construct a Truth Symbol

    In exercises 59-62, let p: Tanisha owns a convertible. q: Joan owns a Volvo. Translate each statement into symbols. Then construct a truth table for each and indicate under what conditions the compound statement is true. #62. Tanisha does not own a convertible or Joan does not own a Volvo.

    Correction and Comment on Linear Algebra Problems

    With referrence to the last solutions u posted to me,may you please check no 1 I have a different solution from my workings.I not sure which one is correct,but I think mine might be.If so may u please edit the document because I failed to do so.I will use this over and over.

    Eigen function and eigenvalues

    I have attached a problem involving eigenfunctions and eigenvalues. I would sure appreciate a complete explanation with work. Consider a linear operator ... with two sets of eigenfunctions and eigenvalues: ... with ... Now consider a linear combination of eigenfunctions, ... . Show whether or not ... is an eigenfuncti

    Solve the system of simultaneous equations.

    Solve each system. State whether it is inconsistent or has infinitely many solutions. If the system has infinitely many solutions, write the solution set with y arbitrary. 1. 3x+2y=5 6x+4y=8 2. 3x+5y= -2 9x+15y= -6

    Matrices Eigenvalues, eigenspace, and eigenbasis.

    Matrices Eigenvalues, eigenspace, and eigenbasis. See attached file. For each of the matrices, find all (real) eigenvalues. Then find a basis of each eigenspace, and find an eigenbasis, if you can. [■(7&8@0&9)] [■(1&1@1&1)] [■(6&3@2&7)] [■(0&-1@1&2)] [■(1&1&0@0&2&2@0&0&3)] [■(1&1&0@0&1&1@0&0&1)]

    Solution to Matrix

    Solution to matrix: real-values fundamental set of solutions, equilibrium, the type and stability characteristics of the equilibrium point, 1st order linear ODE. Need complete explanation and work. Thanks. Please see the attached file.

    Coin Combination Probability

    Suppose you have 50 American coins totaling exactly $1. This includes at least one quarter, and may contain nickels, dimes, and/or pennies. If you drop a coin at random, what is the probability that it is a penny?

    Tetrahedral and Octahedral Groups

    Let G=O be the group of rotations of a cube. Two regular tetrahedra can be inscribed in this cube, each using half of the vertices. Let H be the subgroup carrying one of the two inscribed tetrahedra to itself. If T is the tetrahedral group, show that H=T.

    proofs about determinants

    Prove: 1) if A, B are square and AB=I_n, then det B=1/det A 2) if A, B, S are square and B=(S^-1)AS, then det B=det A 3) If A is square and (A^T)A=I_n, then det A= +/- 1 4) if A is n x n and A^T= -A, then det A= (-1)^n det A. In particular, if n is odd, then det A=0