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    find the solution for linear equation and intersection

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    1. Bill has $2,000 in his savings account and x dollars in his checking. Write an expression for the total amount of money Bill has.

    2. You want to order T-shirts for your organization. The price is $15 for each T-shirt and $10 for shipping. Write an expression for the amount of money this will cost you. If you want to buy 20 T- shirts, how much will it cost you? If you have a total of $145 to spend, how many T-shirts can you afford to order?

    3. A coat is selling at ¾ of its original price. The sale price is $120. You can find the original price, p with the equation 3/4p=120. Find the original price.

    4. An equation for simple interest can be written as I=prt, where I is the interest, p is the principle, or the original money put into the account, rate is, the interest rate in decimal form and t is time. Jamie wants to earn $500 in interest so she'll have enough to buy a used car. She puts $2000 into an account that earns 2.5% interest. How long will she need to leave her money in the account to earn $500 in interest?

    5. You are making a map of your neighborhood using a coordinate system where north is the positive y axis, and east is the positive x axis. You set it up so that every intersection is a point on the coordinate system. If you start at point (3,4) and now walk 3 blocks north and 6 blocks west. At what coordinate do you find yourself?

    6. Graph the lines x=1 and y =-2 on the same coordinate system. Where do these lines intersect?

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