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Linear Algebra

Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems and Gaussian Elimination

1. Jim wants to plan a meal with 169 grams of carbs and 1330 calories. If green beans have 7 grams of carbs and 30 calories per half cup serving and if french fried shrimp have 9 grams of carbs and 190 calories per three ounce serving how many servings of green beens and shrimp should be used? 2. Solve the system of equation

Simple questions

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Section 8.1 Solve each of the following systems by graphing each of the following. 10. 2x - y = 4 2x - y = 6 12. x-2y = 8 3x - 2y = 12 20. 3x - 6y = 9 X - 2y = 3 26. Find values for m and b in the following system so that the solution

Slope, y intercept

What are the slope, y-intercept, and equation of the line passing through the points (-1,1.2) and (3,-2)? a. slope = -0.8, y-intercept = 0.4, y = -0.8x+0.4 b. slope = 0.8, y-intercept = 0.4, y = 0.8x+0.4 c. slope = -0.8, y-intercept = 1.5, y = -0.8x+1.5 d. slope = -1.25, y-intercept = 0.05, y = -1.25x+0.05

Linear Transformations - Unique Solutions

Show that the system of equations 2x + y + z = -6a 2x + y + (b +1)z = 4 bx + 3y + 2z = 2a Has a unique solution except when b = 0 and b = 6. If b = 0, show that there is only one value for a for which a solution exists, and find the general solution in this case. Discuss the case when b = 6. Interpret your so

Algebra: Use linear systems to solve problems

(See attached file for full problem description) I am looking for a response similar to the BrainMass example mathematics response, which clearly explained how the answer was found.

Rates and Investments : Systems of Equations Problem

I would like to know if I am on the right track to writin this as a "systems of equations" using the substitution process. How much further do I have to go if this is right so far? A family made an investment for 1 year that earned $7.50 simple interest. If the principal had been $25 more and the interest rate 1% less, the in

Linear system

Solve the equation. Determine whether it is inconsistent, dependent, or neither. 3x - 2y = 0 9x - 8y = 7

Linear system

Solve the linear system. State whether the system is inconsistent, dependent, or neither. x/6 + y/3 = 8 x/4 + y/2 = 12

System of nonlinear equations

If a system of nonlinear equations contains one equation whose graph is a circle and another equation whose graph is a line, can the system have exactly one solution? If so, what does the graph of the situation look like?

Non-linear system

The following is a non-linear system. Solve it 1/x + 2/y = 3 2/x + 1/y = 4 (Hint: Try a change in variable. Let u = 1/x ; let v = 1/y)

Linear Algebra

Exercise. IV. This problem is a partial investigation of which n×n matrices over C have cube roots; that is, for which n × n matrices A over C there is an n × n B over C such that A = B3. Since C is algebraically closed, every n × n matrix over C is similar over C to a matrix in Jordan canonical form. A. Suppose that A

Linear Algebra

See attached pdf file. If you have trouble displaying the math font let me know and I will try to use another format.

Linear approximation

I have another question on linear approximation using e. Suppose I want to approximate e^ 0.9. I am assuming that I let f(x) equal the following e^ 0.9 ~ e^0.5 + e^0.5 (0.9-0.5) = 0.4e^0.5 Am I on the right track?

Differential Equations

(See attached file for full problem description) 1) The slope field for the system dx/dt = 2x + 6y dy/dt = 2x - 2y is shown to the right a) determine the type of the equilibrium point at the origin. b) calculate all straight-line solution. 2) show that a matrix of the form A =(a b; -b a) with b!=0 must have complex eig

Pairwise Sequential Voting

A seventeen-member committee must elect one of four candidates: R, S, T, or W. Their preference schedule as shown below. Which candidate wins under pairwise sequential voting with the predetermined order S, T, W, R? Number of Members Ranking 6 R > S > T > W 5 S > R > T > W 3