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    Matrices : Linear Programing and Systems of Equations

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    The Mundo Candy Company
    types of chocolate candy: Cheery Cherry, Mucho Mocha, and Almond Delight. The company produces its products in San Diego Mexico City, and Managua using two main ingredients: chocolate and sugar.
    a. Each kilogram of Cheery Cherry requires .5 kg of sugar and .2 kg of chocolate; each kilogram of Mucho Mocha requires .4 kg of sugar and .3 kg of chocolate; and each kilogram of Almond Delight requires .3 kg of sugar and .3 kg of chocolate. Put this information into a 2 X 3 matrix% labeling the rows and columns.
    b. The cost of 1 kg of sugar is $4 in San Diego4 $2 in Mexico City, and $1 in Managua. The cost of 1 kg of chocolate is $3 in San Diego4 $5 in Mexico City, and $7 in anagua. Put this information into a matrix.

    An eleci.ronics company produces transistors resistors, and computer chips. Each transistor requires 3 units of copper, I unit of zinc, and 2 units of glass. Each resistor requires 3, 2 and 1 units of the three materials and each computer chip requires 2 I, and 2 units of these materials, respectively: How many of each product can he made with the following amounts of materials?
    a. 810 units of copper, 410 units of zinc, and 490 units of glass
    b. 765 units of copper, 385 units of zinc, and 470 units of glass
    c. 1010 units of copper. 500 units of zinc and 610 units of glass

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