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Calculus and Analysis

Tan line and velocity problems

The parabola y = (x^2) + 3 has two tangents which pass through the point (0, -2). One is tangent to the to the parabola at (A, A^2 + 3) and the other at (-A, A^2 + 3). Find (the positive number) ? If a ball is thrown vertically upward from the roof of 64ft foot building with a velocity of 96 ft/sec, its height after t seconds

Related Rates Word Problem

A highway patrol helicopter hovers 3/10 mile above a level, straight interstate highway which has a posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour. The helicopter pilot sees a car on the highway and determines with radar that at that particular instant, the distance between the helicopter and the car is 1/2 mile and is increasing at a

Limit points

Prove that the point p is a limit point of the point set X if and only if each open point set containing p contains a point in X which is different from p. Prove without using sequences. Only use the def. of open set, open interval, and that the point p is a limit point of the point set X means that each open interval containing

Area of a rectangle

A rectangular lot, 54 square yds. in area with a perimeter fence, is divided into 2 rectangular sections by a single connecting fence costing $2.00/yd. the perimeter fence costs $5.00/yd. Find the dimensions of the lot which minimizes the cost of fencing.

Determining the best place to sit at the movies based on a set of criteria.

A movie theater has a screen that is positioned 10 feet off the floor and is 25 feet high. The first row of seats is placed 9 feet from the screen and the rows are 3 feet apart. The floor of the seating area is inclined at an angle above the horizontal and the distance up the incline that you sit is x. The theater has 21 ro

Working with position functions using acceleration and velocity.

A model rocket is fired vertically upward from rest. It's acceleration for the first three seconds is a(t)=60t at which time the fuel is exhausted and it becomes a free falling body. After 17 seconds, the rocket's parachute opens and the velocity slows linearly to -18 ft/sec in 5 seconds. The rocket then floats to the ground

Compound Interest Problems

If the tuition at a certain college is determined to cost $ 32000 in 10 years, how large must a trust fund that pays 7.5% compounded continuously be, in order for a child on her 8th birthday to ensure sufficient funds at age 18?


I have two problems (well, one problem with three parts and another one): 1. (a) Let f(x)=ax^2+bx+c, a does not equal zero, be a quadratic polynomial. How many points of inflection does the graph of f have? (b)Let f(x)=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d, a does not equal zero, be a cubic polynomial. How many points of inflection does the grap

Mu''(t) + ku(t) = 0

Suppose m and k are positive numbers. Find u so that mu''(t) + ku(t)= 0 for all numbers t and u(0)=1 and u'(0)=2. (note: u'' = second derivative of u) Please clarify any shorthand that you are using. Thanks!