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Calculus and Analysis

Length of curve

Length of curve interval [0,4] y= x (to the three halves) minus 1 y=x^3/2 - 1

Differential Equation: System of Equations

For this problem state the method you used and show the work required to obtain the answer. Find the general solution for this system: this is a matrix x'= 3y+z y'= x+z+2y z"= 3y+x

Volume of water poured in to bowl with iron ball.

A bowl is shaped like a hemisphere with radius R centimeters. An iron ball with radius R/2 centimeters is placed in the bowl and water is poured in to a depth of 2R/3 centimeters. How much water was poured in?

Surface area of revolution

How do I find the surface area obtained by revolving the curve y=x-1 from x=1 to x=4 about the line x= -1?

Differential Equations

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. (i) Consider the differential equation: x. = x^2 , x(0) given x(0)>0 Find the solution of x(t) of this equation in terms of x(0) and show that there is a T, which depends on x(0), such that lim x(t) = infinity t --> T- (ii) Find the solution of the

Working with growth and decay rates and evaluating decay rate expressions.

A crude-oil refinery has an underground storage tank which has a fixed volume of 'V' liters. Due to pollutants, it gets contaminated with 'P(t)' kilograms of chemical waste at time 't' which is evenly distributed throughout the tank. Oil containing a variety of pollutants with concentration of 'k' kilograms per liter enters

Power series

I am trying to find the interval of convergence for the attached power series (attached as a gif). I am also supposed to check the endpoints for convergence. I'm not that good with power series and the format of this power series is really throwing me off. So I am looking for the steps to find the interval of convergence (also c

Tangent Line to a Curve

Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve, Y = x^3 - 3x^2 + 5x that has the least slope. Make sure to show all of the required steps.

Rectilinear motion: Calculation of velocity

A billiard ball is hit and travels in a line. If s centimeters is the distance of the ball from its initial position at t seconds, then s=100t2 + 100t. If the ball hits a cushion that is 39cm from its initial position, at what velocity does it hit the cushion?

Find the maximum area of a window.

A special window has the shape of a rectangle surrmounted by an equilateral triangle. If the perimeter is 16 feet, what dimensions will admit the most light? (hint: Area of equilateral triangle = the square root of 3/4 times x squared.)

Sum of a series

I am stuck on how to solve the sum of the series that I have attached in a word document.

Trigonometric integrals involving powers

I used the product to sum identities rule since the integral involved cosines of different angles. I have attached a word document with the integral to solve and my work. I want to know if my answer is correct. If my answer is not correct, I want to know the correct answer and the steps to get it. Thanks.

Surface of the area of revolution

We are supposed to use the definition of the Area of a Surface of Revolution to solve this problem. I have attached this formula and the answers I received in a word document. The problem: Given: y = -x^2 + 4x defined on the closed domain [0,4] Revolve the graph about the x-axis. Find the area of the surface obtained

Calculate: Centroid of a Plane Region

I need to see how to find the centroid coordinates by using integrals and moments. I have attached a word document with the formulas we are supposed to use to find the centroid. Now here is the problem: Given: y = 9 - x^2, y = 2 Find the coordinates of the centroid of the above plane region. Please refer to the atta