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    solve differential equation using Laplace transform

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    1. Solve y''+4y'+4y=g(t) using Laplace transforms.... y(0) = 2; y'(0)=-3
    Express the answer in terms of a convolution integral

    2. Find the inverse of F(s) = 1/[(s^4)(s^2+1)] the answer can be left as a convolution integral

    3. Solve y''''+5y''+4y=g(t) using laplace transforms.... y(0) = 1; y'(0)=y''(0)=y'''(0)=0
    Express the answer as a convolution integral

    4. Find the inverse of F(s) = 1/[(s+1)(s^2+4)] the answer can be left as a convolution integral

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