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    Constitutional Law

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    Federalization in the Judicial System 370 word essay with reference

    The increase of federalization amongst the judicial system has lead to increased political debates. The role of federal courts in state matters is often argued as a complete disregard for state constitutions. Evermore, the federal courts have made judgments that have impacted how corrections is carried out in the U.S. Define

    The Three Strike Law 365 word essay with reference

    Throughout history, legislation (federal, state, and local) has tried numerous approaches to increase recidivism. In many circumstances, states such as California have imposed laws that impose mandatory punishment for "career criminals". For this reason, there are many who support and defend laws such as California's three stri

    Depicting Crime in the Media 580 word essay with reference

    The motto of the broadcast journalist field is "If it bleeds, it reads". As crimes become more violent in nature, the media has thrived on this. Media influence has done this for decades, however, with increased technology, such as the internet, their able to reach a wider variety of readers throughout the world. Discuss how

    Theories of Interest Group Behavior 435 word essay with references

    The importance that interest groups have on the political platform is unmatched. Interest groups are often non-profit organizations used to place emphasis on political leaders to create and/or pass laws or bills on behalf of an organizations goal. Understanding the diverse dynamics these interest groups possess has been research

    The US Supreme Court 440 word essay with reference

    As we all know, the U.S. Supreme Court is the pinnacle for our judicial system. Appointed by the President and voted in by the U.S. Senate, these judges are tasked with upholding all laws bound by the U.S. Constitution. In saying, they're also the most prolific court known throughout the world. Many countries throughout the worl

    The Relationship Between Federal and State Court Systems

    The judicial system as we know it is a complex network of courts that hear various types of cases on a daily basis. Each one has been refined over the decades to hear fundamental cases established by the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution. Whether criminal or civil, each court maintains general, original, and appellate

    Federalization of Crime and Crime Control Policies 630 word essay with reference

    During the course of history as it relates to crime control policy, state and local government have maintained the legislative right to propose, pass, and enforce laws at their level. As society has continued to evolve with increased technology and social media, criminals have used these changes to their advantage. Crimes have b

    Role of the Three Levels of Government Legislation

    The criminal justice policy process is one of the most publicly scrutinized processes. In prior units we've discussed the executive branch and its involvement in the public policy process. Though very influential in the process, the legislative branch maintains the most vital responsibility. Define and discuss how the roles o

    Presidential Powers and Crime Control Policy 350 word essay with reference

    During any President's term, the safety of communities throughout the Nation is in the forefront of his agenda. Identifying those crimes that cause an immediate threat to the moral and welfare of citizens can sway public opinion and ultimately affect his re-election. Under the U.S. Constitution, the President possesses Constitut

    The Executive Branch and Policy Process 320 word essay with reference

    The process that a policy must go through can be complex and scrutinized at every stage. In saying this, legislation and executive branches continually look for balance that appeases both branches, while maintaining public support. For the executive branch, regardless of the level government must sustain public support because t

    Public Policy Process 488 word essay with reference

    The public policy process, regardless of the issue, goes through a standardized process in order to be implemented. Once an issue is identified, political officials go through a personal process of whether to support or oppose the policy. Everyone involved must identify what level of government (local, state, or federal) the pol

    Determining Support for Public Policy 430 word essay with reference

    As society continues to evolve, the way in which communities and political parties approach issues are detrimental to the public policy model. Identifying the issue and courses of action needed to solve the problem that must be shared by all parties involved. In many cases, the type of policy, level of government needed to pass

    The Open Fields Doctrine

    I am having a hard time pulling up some research data and information for my research paper on the "open fields" doctrine. My schools online library is limited in gathering information; so whatever help you can provide to point me in the right direction for this eight page research paper would be much appropriated. Attached i

    Mass Media and Public Safety and Security 580 word essay with reference

    How influential is mass media regarding public safety and security issues? How has this influence changed public safety and security environments? What recommendations would you suggest to address raised concerns and issues as brought forth by mass media? Explain. 580 word essay with reference

    The Constitution and Search and Seizure

    Are the constitutional bases for search and seizure still valid today? Explain why or why not. Does law enforcement have too much authority to stop and arrest people?