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Constitutional Law

FBI UCR Handbook: Criteria for Crime

Question: What are the specific crimes that are reported as the "Part 1" crimes and what is the criteria used for a crime to be included in the UCR. I have the part 1 crimes I just need the second part of the question. Our professor wants us to log onto click on reports and publications and click on the UCR hand


-discusses at least one case of significance related to three of the provisions of the First Amendment. - evaluate the rights and responsibilities that the Constitution gives an American citizen. - explain why each case needed to be heard and interpreted by the Supreme Court. -discusses how the Supreme Court's decision in

Miranda v. Arizona

In 1963, Ernesto Miranda was arrested for robbery and rape. After he was found guilty in a lower court, Miranda appealed on the issue that the police should have told him that he could have an attorney present during the interrogation. In 1966, Miranda won his appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Miranda v. Arizona is s

Fourth Amendment Issues

While on routine patrol, the police helicopter's pilot notices a field of marijuana growing in Farmer Brown's field part of which is fenced off and the fence encompasses the house. The police respond and relieve Farmer Brown of his crop and put Farmer Brown in jail on drug charges. The police do not need or have a search warrant

Personnel Handbook - Job Security

What would you advise a CEO who is revising the company's Personnel Handbook wants to include some language on job security. As the owner of a moving company, it has come to your attention that one of your drivers was recently arrested for drunk driving and lost his license. He has been with the company for several years an

What are the occasion's police do not need an arrest warrant?

In most instances police need a warrant in order to arrest an offender or accused. What are the occasion's police do not need an arrest warrant? If a situation occurs in which a police officer makes an improper arrest what can the arrested person do? Does the person have the right to arrest the unlawful arrest?


The Edmonds Police Department received an anonymous tip contained in a mailed note that Robert Young was growing marijuana in his house. A police detective went to the address. He noted that the windows of the house were always covered, bright lights never could be seen inside, and there was no apparent odor of marijuana detect

Miller v California essay help

I am having difficulty finding understandable information concerning the supreme court decision Miller v California. My instructor wants a 4 page summary, a 2 page explanation of decision, a 1 page of affirmation ( I do not understand what this is) and 1 page of dissention. This case is very difficult to understand I need as

Free exercise of the First Amendment clause

Analyze it in about 4 pages '8x11' pages worth of text. This is like writing an opinion for the court. I am not looking for a legal brief, but a political theorist's take. As a member of the Court, you may concur or dissent from the majority opinion. You may start by summarizing the facts of the case, then discuss the issues

Sources of Law in the United States

I've tried to answer these multiple choice questions on Sources of Law in the United States to the best of my abilities. Some I'm confident on while others were somewhat vague. Please do your best to help set me straight. My answers are in yellow {see attachment} 1. Assume that Colorado passes a new law that provides "skiing

Declaration of Independence

Would you please concisely discuss what ideas from the Declaration of Independence you see as the most meaningful basis of our law today. How are society's rights balanced with those of the individual?