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Does the death penalty deter crime?

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In what ways does the death penalty not deter crime?

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Problem: In what ways does the death penalty not deter crime?


The death penalty is the one punishment that can never be reversed, it is always unjust - our courts should be proven incapable of error before using it. However, to the public, capital punishment is both constitutional and morally right. Prisons are used to reform criminals, but in certain cases - when guilt is unmistakable and the accused has a history of violent behavior - society has the right to demand the ultimate punishment. It doesn't ...

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This solution provides an explanation of how the death penalty would not deter crime is given. Concepts discussed include prison reforms, capital punishment, life without parole, and statistical analyses of murder rates and rates of death penalties in states. It also discusses two major changes that happened on January 6, 20111 and March 9, 2011. The explanation is given in 288 words with four website references.