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    Death penalty to deter crime

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    Ysabel Rennie states: "There is nothing more disconcerting than the realization that what is being proposed now for the better management of crime and criminals - to get tough, to increase sentences and make them mandatory, and to kill killers has been tried over and over again and abandoned as unworkable. Thus we are left to contemplate the evidence that we have for centuries been going in circle." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your answer with research make sure to examine each of the theories.

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    Yes, I concur with Ysabel Rennie's statement that better management of crime and criminals does not come from tougher, increased sentences and by "killing killers." It is evident from the current data that crime still occurs despite death penalties and harsher consequences in some states. I agree that the cyclical nature of crime is not deterring despite these attempts to be more reactive. I think that we should instead be more proactive in attempts to deter and combat crime than reactive because violence often ...

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    Ysabel Rennie's statements about crime reducation and the death penalty are used as reflection and research.