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    The Open Fields Doctrine

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    I am having a hard time pulling up some research data and information for my research paper on the "open fields" doctrine. My schools online library is limited in gathering information; so whatever help you can provide to point me in the right direction for this eight page research paper would be much appropriated.

    Attached is the only document I have mentioning the topic that I was able to download without being blocked.

    The goal of my research paper on "open fields" doctrine are to write:
    - A description of the research topic with details.
    - What is the "open fields" doctrine? How is it different from "plain view"?
    - A statement as to why the topic is important.
    - A review of literature relevant to the research topic.
    - A description of the proposed research methodology.

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    This summary will provide the student with the differences between "Open Fields Doctrine" and the "Plain View Doctrine". An "Open Fields Doctrine" provides officer's the autonomy to gain guidance on the 4th Amendment limitations in reference to open fields on private lands. In the general sense of terminology, officers are permitted to enter open fields on private property for investigatory purposes because they are "privileged" and cannot be charged with trespass under certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is conservation law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties to uphold the public trust of wildlife. The United States federal law has designated wildlife as a public trust resource, which legally ensures that as opposed to being private ...

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    The open fields of doctrine are examined in the solution. A description of the research topic with details is provided.