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Use of Evidence: Inventory Search

Del Carmen, R. V. (2004). Criminal procedures: Law and practice (6th ed.). Belmont,
CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

Should the police be allowed to use everything they find against an individual in an inventory search? Explain your reasoning.

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Visit the powerpoint link, it has great case-sample information with regards to inventory search evidence used in criminal cases.

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Inventory Search

Defined as the routine inventory of private and impounded vehicle, inventory search acquired evidence is ruled by Supreme Court to be admissible & can be used for prosecution. Being that the impounding of the vehicle is a state responsibility, to protect itself from lawsuits re: vehicle content, the State must provide an inventory of its contents that is achieved via an Inventory search. ...

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The solution concisely explains what inventory search is in law enforcement. It also provides the necessary arguments with regards to the use of evidence from an inventory search.