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Long-Term Care Facilities

Introduction to Long-term Care

Can you help me get started with the following question: Explain how you expect to pay for your long-term care services, should you need any before you are 65 years old.

Defining Long-Term-Care

I am unsure of the topic and could use some direction Thanks choose one chapter of Describe the current role of the federal and state governments in LTC

Long-Term Care Insurance

Summarize the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) reports on Long Term Care insurance. Also discuss whether purchase of Long Term Care insurance is a good idea for younger aged individuals or should be limited to the elderly. Be sure to include discussion of the basics of long-term care insurance. The following te

Assessing quality in nursing homes

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. There has been much discussion in Congress regarding Quality of life in nursing homes. Share your thoughts here about if you feel that Quality of life has higher significance than Quality of care. If so, then why? Be sure to provide an exa


Please provide ethical dilemma information on the areas below: 1. Brief History/Background of services and ethical dilemma of Hospice 2. List Risk Management of hospice including HIPAA issues 3. Hospice Quality Assurance Provide 3 references.

State Assisted Living Practices and Options - Policy Issues

In US the states should build (and review) their assisted living regulations and reimbursement policies and to increase access to assisted living for low-income older people. What is the historical perspective/background for this issue? What is the description and characteristics of current policy? Evaluation of the cur


In what three ways would the quality of life in an Assisted living facility be affected if a program which provides interaction with elementary school students be implemented? What benefits would 1) facility 2) residents 3) students would received?

Medicare & Medicaid

Describe the roles that Medicare and Medicaid play in the financing of long term care. What are the obligations of public schools with regards to education of children with special health care needs?

Populations Requiring Long Term Care

I am working on a project that requires a philosophy of care statement about quality of life and services. The philosophy statement should include something about the staff, community and organizational issues. I've chosen assisted nursing facility and the project will be on activities between the elderly and school children. T

Lay Out Presentation/ Operations Management

I am far from an architect. I can not even color. I am great at powerpoint. I did not know whether to place the subject under architecture, because the class title is operations management in health care. Are there any websites I can try to finish this project. Please post any ideas. Health Care Facility Layout Presentation