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Long Term Care Programming with Children Visitation

In what three ways would the quality of life in an Assisted living facility be affected if a program which provides interaction with elementary school students be implemented?

What benefits would 1) facility 2) residents 3) students would received?

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1) The Facility

As with most business organizations both private and not for profit, there is always a budget involved. This budget must cover staff salaries, building maintenance, food provision, and marketing and activity supplies. Most facilities of this type employ an activity director and possibly some recreation assistants. It is their job to plan and provide activities for the residents that will keep them from being bored and becoming isolated. They must also figure out the interests of residents so that they will actually WANT to attend provided programs. As for the benefits to the facility, having a program such as this accomplishes two things. It basically adds to the facility's volunteer base (and ...

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This solution describes the benefits a long term care or assisted living facility, residents of that facility and students might expect should an interaction program be implemented in partnership between the nursing facility and an elementary school.