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Scholarly Article Concerning a Long-Term Health Care Facilities Resident Assessments

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The article must meet the following criteria:

1. Does the periodical title depict a very specific subject area?
2. Does the article have a complex and lengthy title?
3. Are the authorsâ?? names listed along with their degrees, titles, or other credentials and/or the names of the institutions with which they are affiliated (particularly colleges or universities)?
4. Was the article cited in a subject-specific index or database (e.g. Education Index, Medline, Sociological Abstracts)?
5. Does the periodical title contain the words Journal, Studies, Research, or Review?
6. Is the article long â?" more than five pages?
7. Does the article use technical language and specialized vocabulary? Does it assume some subject knowledge on the part of the reader? Is it complex and not easily comprehended by a general reader?
8. Does the article include footnotes, a bibliography, or list of references?
9. Is the text accompanied by tables and charts, but not many photos or drawings (unless the field is visually oriented, such as art, design, or architecture)?
10. Does the article report on the results of research or experiments?
11. Does the article include a review of the literature, i.e., a summary of other articles written on the topic?
12. Does an abstract or summary of the article appear before the article itself begins?

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The periodical title, Reducing Fall Risk in Long-Term Care Residents Through the Interdisciplinary Approach, in the Volume 13, No. 7, 2005 issue of Anals of Long Term Care is very specific,

2. The article has a somewhat lengthy and complex. The title addresses the reduction in risk of falls, using a specific approach, involving a specific population, long term care residents.

3. The authors names, degrees and titles are listed at the beginning of the article, though their institution affiliations are not provided.

4. The article is cited in a subject specific index, HMP ...

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