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Long Term Health Care Facilities and Elderly Abuse Complaints

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Question #1
Submit an exercise for all employees regarding abuse and neglect. The exercise/test should differentiate the differences. Explain all components, including how the abuse is reported to the proper agency in New York State.

Question #2
Submit an actual fire drill log, which verifies compliance with fire safety codes. If not available or if you are not employed by a facility, examine the "log" which was provided. State what you think is the most overlooked component of a fire drill, where the staff might be most likely to be complacent. 

Question #3
Explain why deviations from the planned menus are necessary.

Question #4
List the steps taken when complaints are registered in residents' council meetings? Who notifies the Ombudsman? Include time frames. Outline how staff responsibility is assigned and dependability is established.

Question #5
How does administrative staff prevent reprisal after a complaint is registered?

Question #6
Submit the written documentation by which you assure the families that complaints will be investigated, on site, by the administrative staff? How do you guarantee confidentiality?

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Long term care laws and regulations

Question #1
Submit an exercise for all employees regarding abuse and neglect. The exercise/test should differentiate the differences. Explain all components, including how the abuse is reported to the proper agency in New York State.

The exercise should entail employees not differentiating between abuse nor neglect as both are forms of illegal activity that places the health and life of the elderly resident in jeopardy. Instead, the employee should ensure that the report of abuse claim entails the following contents including the name and address of the facility that they work and where the abuse happened, the name of the resident that was allegedly abused, the information in regard to what type of abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment occurred, the duration of the abuse in regard to how long the witness witnessed the abuse or ...

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This response examines the complaint process for employees working at long term care facilities in the state of New York.

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