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Category: Economics > Macroeconomics Subject: economic rationale and anlaysis Details: Write concise well-reasoned paragraphs using economic rationale and analysis: (a) Discuss two benefits to the New Zealand economy due to the export education industry. (One paragraph, max 100 words). (b) Discuss two factors impacti

Telephone plan

9) Your telephone plan charges you $25 per month plus 10 cents per minute for long distance calls. Write an equation that describes your monthly telephone account. What will you pay if you make 32 minutes worth of calls in a months? How much will you owe for a month if you make 45 minutes of long distance calls? Show the informa

Ethics etc..

A. Is it unethical to use an employee as a puppet to make money with out their consent? What are your thoughts on Adam Smith's principle of the Invisible Hand? Each firm (individual) in society acts in such a way as to maximize his own gain, the function of the free market will assure, as a result, the maximum possible benefit

Economics supply and demand

Supply and demand conditions See attachment for two problems. 1. Fill out a supply and demand table based on given supply and demand curves. 2. Supply and demand conditions for unskilled labor.