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Which of the following curves show an inverse relationship

Which of the following curves show an inverse relationship between a nation's inflation and unemployment rates? a. the aggregate demand curve b. the aggregate supply curve c. the short-run Phillips curve d. the long-run Phillips curve

Competitive Markets

In a recent speech, Professor Gregory Mankiw contends that our elected federal leaders should raise the gasoline tax. "Not quickly, but substantially. I would like to see Congress increase the gas tax by $1 per gallon, phased in gradually by 10 cents per year over the next decade. --- Please use the market analysis tool we have


What's wrong with the following statement? Unemployment is not a business problem, social problem, nor government problem, it's only an individual problem -- a problem for whoever is unemployed.

Economic Questions

1. Which of the following is the best example of two inputs that would exhibit a constant marginal rate of technical substitution? trucks and truck drivers natural gas and oil personal computers and clerical workers company employed computer programmers and temporary supplemental computer programmers

Unemployment Spikes

Why is there always spikes in unemployment in December/January and July. Is there something about these times of the year that cause these spikes?

Adjustment of the equilibrium interest rate as it relates to the money supply.

We are studying the money supply and the equilibrium interest rate. I am confused by the problem (s) presented below and am not sure how to calculate or answer the question. Any and all help is appreciated, thank you! -Assume that the money market is initially in equilibrium and that the money supply is then increased. Ex

Supply and Demand

Suppose you are the manager of a California winery...How would you expect the following events to affect the price you will receive for a bottle of wine? a. price of comparable French wine decreases b. 100 new wineries open in California c. unemployment rate in the US decreases d. price of cheese increases e. due

Business Cycle

How can fluctuations in the business cycle affect an organization? What is an example of how the US government has invested in human capital? How can that investment make an organization more productive?

Federal Funds / Discount Rate

If the required reserve ratio is 10%, banks keep 2% excess reserves, and the public keeps a 10% cash to deposit ratio, what is the money multiplier? a) 10 b) 20 c) 5 d) 0.22 e) none of the above The increased use of credit/debit cards for transactions will cause the money multiplier to a) increase b) decreas

Chan and Cheung Argument

I would like to have your point of view on this problem. There is no right or wrong answer and I know that people will answer differently. I myself am leaning towards Chan's argument. Please let me know what you think, and please defend your answer. You can choose to agree with Cheung!!! It would be interesting to see what other

Use graphical analysis to Explain how your conclusions are affected by (a) unemployment, (21) remittances to the home country, (c) backflows of migrants to their home country, and (d) the personal characteristics of the migrants. If the migrants are highly skilled workers, is there any justification for the sending country to levy a "brain drain" tax on emigrants?

Use graphical analysis to show the gains and losses resulting from the migration of population from a low-income country to a high-income country. Explain how your conclusions are affected by (a) unemployment, (21) remittances to the home country, (c) backflows of migrants to their home country, and (d) the personal characterist

Which fall under macro, micro or other?

Which of the following categories fall under microeconomics, macroeconomis and other topics? The change in price of consumer goods: The government budget deficit A decrease in canada's exports A rise in profits in the steel industry A suffering of the unemployed A quebec election A change in the price of a t

Measuring Unemployment

In the country of Leducistan, a mass migration of refugees found solace within its borders and all of them sought work. What will happen to the country's unemployment rate and labor force participation rates?

Labor economics

A 30 year worker and a 60 year old are identical in terms of skill, search costs and the wage offer distribution they face. (i) Explain why these workers will have different asking wages. (ii) Why would search theory explain the differences in their unemployment rate?

Demand function -Fantasy pinball machines

The following demand function demand function has been estimated for Fantasy pinball machines: QD = 3,500 - 40P + 17.5Px + 670U + .0090A + 6,500N where P = monthly rental price of Fantasy pinball machines Px = monthly rental price of Old Chicago pinball machines (their largest competitor) U = current unemployment rate

Human Resource Management/ Scenario- Diversity

Here is a scenario below how would you practice Implementing and Evaluating only This is what I have figured - I have to increase output by 100%. There is not a lot of information here, but here are a few indicators. Most of the employees are in manufacturing (65). The diversity of the workers does not match the market.

Help with unemployment

If the economy is at the natural rate of unemployment but those who favor an active approach to policy think the natural rate is lower, they will try to shift a. the short-run aggregate supply curve rightward b. the aggregate demand curve rightward c. the short-run aggregate supply curve leftward d. the aggregate demand curv

Intro to economics

Schiller Text, 10th edition The economy today bradley r schiller 10/e Chapter 5 - page 112 1. The manuscript for this text was typed by a friend. Had I hired a secretary to do the same job, GDP would have been higher, even though the amount of output would have been identical. Why is this? Does this make sense? 2. GDP

Suppose that a nation has a labor force of 100 people...

Suppose that a nation has a labor force of 100 people. In January, Amy, Barbara, Carine, and Denise are unemployed: in February, those four find jobs, but Evan, Francesco, George, and Horatio become unemployed. Suppose further that every month, the previous four who were unemployed find jobs and four different people become unem

Oligopoly & entry deterrence

I have marked (at the end of the Question) what I believe to be the correct answers. I just need some justification and reasons if I am wrong and answers for the NOT SURE questions: 1. What is the most important characteristic of oligopoly? ??Not Sure a. firms have market power b. product differentiation

Minimum Wage

Some quick thoughts on the following statement: Minimum wage increases unemployment among young workers and unskilled workers.

Federal Budget

How does deflation further accelerate recessionary spirals and become the worst possible nightmare, and why are government deficits the best response?


If Real GDP is less than Natural Real GDP, the economy is in____________. a. an inflationary gap b. a recessionary gap c. an unemployment gap d. a real gap

"negative human capital" vs "positive human capital"

Solve the following problem by developing new policies, actions or solutions. Identify how we can pay for this solution to be implemented? New taxes? Cuts in present programs? Are there any changes in the present US constitution that might be neccesary to implement this solution? Problem: Sixty Percent of the youth between e

Slope of the yield curve

Which of the following would most likely increase the slope of the yield curve? a. An increase in the rate that prices are expected to increase over the next 30 years. b. A decrease in the risk-free interest rate. c. An increase in the risk-free interest rate, where the increase is the same amount for all maturity dates (e.g.