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What's wrong with the following statement?

Unemployment is not a business problem, social problem, nor government problem, it's only an individual problem -- a problem for whoever is unemployed.

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// While writing such assignments, we will discuss about unemployment, how it's a problem for the Government, individual, businesses and the society, the definition and various reasons explaining why 'Unemployment' is considered as a problem: //

Unemployment - A Social, Governmental, Business and an Individual Problem

Unemployment Problem: Unemployment is the condition of a person who is willing to work or capable of doing work but because of lack of jobs he is unemployed. Unemployment problem affects not only the individual who is unemployed but also the society, business as well as economy as a whole.

A person who is unemployed is not able to fulfill the need of his family. He is having a very low standard of living. Moreover he is not able to fulfill his basic ...

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