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    Trade Agreements


    I am an advisor to the US Federal Trade Administration in charge of doing background research that will be used for trade negotiations by policy makers. The US is in the process of engaging in negotiations with countries in Middle and South America to explore expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA]. I ha

    Self selection mechanism

    Pelican Point financial group's clientele consists of two types of investors. The first type of investor makes many transactions in a given year and has a net worth of over $1 million. These investors seek unlimited access to investments consultants and are willing to pay up to $10,000 annually for no fee based transactions, or

    Business Entity

    A) What are some of the global implications for 1).Limited Liability Corporation 2).Joint venture 3).Franchise b) Steps to format a Franchise c) Who is financial liable on a Franchise? d) What are some of the tax benefit for a franchise corporation?

    Do imports endanger consumers?

    Imports Endanger Consumer's Food Safety Beef imports have only a one percent testing by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The food safety has become a risk because of beef products being imported from Canada and other countries. Mad Cow disease cases found in the Canadian beef supply; not detectable in ani

    Economics for Business I

    I need some help answering the following true/false question with an explanation and example in simple terms. Your help is GREATLY appreciated! Q: The number one trading partners with the US are Russia, Germany, and France.

    The problem of determining what goods and services society should produce

    The problem of determining what goods and services society should produce a. exists because we can produce more than we need or want b. exists because they are not enough resources to provide all the goods and services that people want to purchase c. would not exist if all goods and service were scarce d. Would not exist if

    Pegged Dollar

    The Hong Kong dollar's value is tied to the U.S. dollar. Explain how the following trade patterns would be affected by the appreciation of the Japanese yen against the dollar: (a) Hong Kong exports to Japan and (b) Hong Kong exports to the United States?

    Countries/Tariffs/Foreign Trade

    Some studies have suggested that industries in countries that receive protection from foreign trade [for example, by the country having tariffs] are less efficient than the same industries in other countries that do not receive protection.


    1) All else being equal, which of the following factors are likely to cause an increase in the firms per-share dividend? a. An increase in its net income. b. The company increases the proportion of equity financing in its target capital structure. c. An increase in the number of profitable projects that it w

    Stock value

    Thompson Inc plans to issue preferred stock with a perpetual annual dividend of $2 per share and a par value of $25. If the required return on this stock is currently 8%, what should be the stock?s market value? a. $22.00 b. $23.00 c. $24.00 d. $25.00 e. $26.00 Companies A and B each reported th

    Unemployment and Incentive Pay

    I would like some assistance in answering these questions in as much detail as possible so that I can understand the concepts associated wit this topic. Thanks.

    Call and Put options

    1. Ms. Smith longs 1 XYZ Feb. 40 Call @ 3 and hold it it to expiration. Assuming no transaction costs, analyze this investment in terms of possible profit or loss. Draw a payoff diagram. 2. Ms. Smith writes 10 BETA Jan. 40 put @ 4. The put is exercised when the stock is trading at 38. Ms. Smith immediately sells the stocks in

    Export Subsidy, Tariff's Effect on Terms of Trade

    Suppose that one country subsidizes is exports and the other country imposes a countervailing tariff that offsets its effects, so that in the end relative prices in the second country are unchanged. What happens to the terms of trade? What about welfare in the two countries? Suppose, on the other hand, that the second country

    Forward rates/law of one price

    1. A currency trader has compiled the following currency quotes: USD/EUR ($/Euro USD/GBP ($/£) JPY/USD (¥) Spot rate $1.2139 $1.7730 115.674 6-month forward rate $1.2067 $1.7894 114.867 Which of the following statements regarding currencies is CORRECT

    Macroeconomics and microeconomics overview

    1. Microeconomics is considered to be the study of scarce resources. Here, consumers (both individuals and organizations) must make allocation decisions. These three basic trade-offs include which goods/services are to be produced, how to produce them, and who gets them. Briefly explain the three trade-offs within a specific goo

    Exporting Wine from US winery to Singapore

    I have found that Singapore currently has a very stable economy. Also, the US-Singapore Trade Agreement has eliminated the trade barriers. I feel that the economic performance of the country is great and should not have any impact on shipping wine to Singapore. Do you agree?

    Exporting Wine from U.S. Winery to Singapore

    I have searched the Internet and I have received conflicting information on the following: Are any special certifications needed? In one place, I found that none were necessary and in another site I found that they were necessary. Any thoughts? Any special taxes? There are excise taxes, but I have found 3 different numbers

    Singapore's Culture/Advertising

    I need help with the following: Is there a certain protocol that US companies must follow when advertising in Singapore? I understand that advertisements cannot contain any hype. On the other hand, can U.S. companies do cold calling, radio advertising, newspaper advertising, or mass mailings in Singapore. I would think that t

    Jobs and Protectionist Policies

    What jobs are created through free trade and what jobs are lost when countries restrict free trade? Explain how it is possible that protectionist policies create more unemployment than free trade. Identify the areas in which the U.S. applies protectionist policies. How do the protectionist policies impact relationships

    Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Market Index

    Unfortunately, I do not know how Standard & Poor creates the stock market index. I do not know what would be a good index or a weak one. Can anyone either explain this concept or direct me to a website that would explain this?

    Financial Statement Analysis - Coca Cola

    Quest 1 - Page W90 Required: 1. Given the relationship between Coke and Enterprises, discuss the appropriateness of Coke's use of the equity method to account for it investment in Enterprises. Please see attached for all other questions.

    College Level Examination Program Study - Economics

    I am studying for the CLEP. I found the attached questions on the net, but no answers to go with them. 1. Economics is a social science because it a. rigorously and systematically examines human behavior b. it not as scientific as physics c. uses historical data instead of mathematical data d. uses statistics instead of

    define globalization

    What is meant by the term "globalization"? Is it an inevitable and irreversible aspect of economic expansion?

    Free Trade / Surplus for Farmers and Auto Workers

    "Outside Tuesday's WTO meeting, farmers and United Auto Workers member needed to be separated by police, after vigorous debate over free trade started to become a bit too heated." Why would those two groups be on opposite sides of the debate?

    Imported vs. U.S. Made Clothing

    Senator Ernest Hollings once wrote that "consumers do not benefit from lower-priced imports. Glance through some mail-order catalogs and you'll see that consumers pay exactly the same price for clothing whether it is U.S.-made or imported." Comment.