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product differentiation competition

The concern that monopolistic competitive firms have about product attribute , services to customer or brand names are aspects of a. allocative effeciency in the industry b. collusion in the industry c. product differentiation d. concentration ratios

Cost-volume-profit analysis

Manning Industries manufactures and sells three different models of wet-dry shop vacuum cleaners. Although the shop vacs vary in terms of quality and features, all are good sellers. Manning is currently operating at full capacity with limited machine time. Sales and production information relevant to each model follows.

Examining Deadweight Loss

Provide a graph of the solution of company with a cost function of C(Q)=50+Q^2 and a demand function of P=100-2Q, showing profits and deadweight loss in the graph. Also, provide the actual amount of deadweight loss.

Financial health of Walmart

If you could, How would you measure the overall financial health of Walmart? What are the good and/or the bad signs, if any, in your outlook?

Options for reducing credit card interest rates

You have been hired as a financial consultant to advise clients on how to reduce credit card debt. On average, your clients pay 24% in annual compound interest. Research the current interest rate on credit cards in the USA. Explain the options available to clients to reduce their rates. Be sure to consider fees in your analysis

General Motors (GM)

General Motors (GM) In 250-300 words, discuss the market structure in which General Motors operates and what strategies they used to maximize profit. What segment market should General Motors (GM) target in the U.S. based on today's economic status? If GM go into liquidation, should there be government intervention a

Maximize Profit and Revenue

An oligopolist, the Bramwell Corporation has estimated its demand function and total cost functions to be as follows: Q=25-0.05P TC=700+200P Quanitites to be used 1 to 14 What will be the price and quantity if Bramwell wnat to 1) Maximize Profit 2) Maximize Revenue 3) Determine the maximum revenue and the maximum pr


Need to compare my answers (45min) Thanks (I need this in 10 MINUTES) the text for 14 is Refer to Figure 7-1. When the price is P1, consumer surplus is a A. b A + B. c A + B + C. d A + B + D.

Dominant Strategy - Airline Example

Profits are shown for united airline and american airline, the airline can either hold prices where they are or cut prices. does either airline have a dominant strategy? Explain in detail: see attachment

Microeconomics and managerial economics

Which fo the following statements is correct? a) Managerial decisions are affected primarily by microeconomic forces. b) Managerial decisions are affected primarily by macroeconomic forces. c) Managerial decisions are affected by both microeconomic and macroeconomic forces d) By and large, managerial decisions are not aff

What is the Efficient Outcome?

A mill and fishery operate on a river. The fishery can operate at one of two locations - upstream or downstream. Pollution lowers the profits of the fishery: without pollution, profits are $300 upstream and $500 downstream. With pollution, profits are $200 upstream and $100 downstream. The mill earns $500 profit. Technology is

Present value on $104 a year from now

You expect to receive a payment of $104 one year from now. Your discount rate is 4 percent. What is the present value of the payment to be received? Suppose that the discount rate is 5 percent. What is the present value of the payment to be received?

Movie Theater Price Discrimination

You run a chain of movie theaters, so you commission a marketing study that categorizes your potential customers into 10 equal-sized groups according to what they're willing to pay for a movie, ($10,$9,$8,$7,$6,$5,$4,$3,$2,$1). It turns out that the low-value customer groups, those with values ($5,$4,$3,$2,$1), are all over 65

Analyze the current market conditions of Burger King.

In 400-500-words, analyze the current market conditions of Burger King. Address the following topics in the analysis: A. Market structure B. Impact of new companies entering the market C. Prices Please provide reference(s)so I that I could refer to it. If possible, please use references from the U.S. Thanks!

Pricing With and Without Price Discrimination

See the attached file. Indoor Water Park caters to both locals and out-of-state visitors. The demand for day-passes to the water park for each market segment is independent of the other market segment. The marginal cost (which also equals the average variable cost) of providing service to each visitor is $5 per day. Its fixed c

An economic profit

Assume a market is currently earning economic profit. What are some potential barriers to entry, which would prevent new competitors from entering the market and competing those profits away? Why do perfectly competitive firms make zero economic profit in the long run?

Inventory Control Methods

Jim Overstreet, inventory control manager for Itex, receives wheel bearings from Wheel-Rite, a small producer of metal parts. Unfortunately, Wheel-Rite can only produce 500 wheel bearings per day. Itex receives 10,000 wheel bearings from Wheel-Rite each year. Since Itex operates 200 working days each year, its average daily dema

Hypothesis Testing - 15.18 Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question: At α = .01, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned? ... [See the attached Question File.]

15.18 Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question: At α = .01, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned? Certainty Credits Earned Very Uncertain Somewhat Cer

Pareto-efficient changes

Which of the following are actual Pareto-efficient changes? Explain briefly. A) You borrow three oranges for $1 from a street vendor. B) You are near death from thirst in the desert and must pay a passing vagabond $10,000 for a glass of water. C) A mugger steals your wallet. D) You take a taxi ride in downtown Manhatte

profits and payoffs for Air 'R' Us

Please see attached. Untied and Air 'R' Us are the only two airlines operating flights between Collegeville and Bigtown. That is, they operate in a duopoly. Each airline can charge either a high price or a low price for a ticket. The accompanying matrix shows their payoffs, in profits per seat (in dollars), for any choice tha

The market demand curve is QD= 160 - 4P.

The market demand curve is QD= 160 - 4P. A monopolist's total cost curve is TC = 6Q2 + 15Q + 50. a. Find the profit-maximizing level of output and price for a monopolist. b. Find its average cost at that level of output. c. Find its profit at that level of output. Please help

Second Degree Price Discrimination

"Will a monopolist's total revenue be larger with second-degree price discrimination when the batches on which it charges a uniform price are larger or smaller? Why?"

Naming a Price Ceiling or a Price Floor

If rent controls are so counterproductive, why do cities impose them? Who is harmed by rent controls? Who is helped? Give an example of a price ceiling and an example of price floor. Which one causes a shortage of a good - a price ceiling or a price floor? Which one causes a surplus?

Help with P=MR=MC

In a perfectly competitive firm, with the current price of a product being $42.00, and a marginal cost function of MC=.006Q. How many cases would the firm have to produce in order to maximize profits?


Discuss how NPV is calculated and state the decision rule.