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current market conditions

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In 400-500-words, analyze the current market conditions of Burger King. Address the following topics in the analysis:

A. Market structure
B. Impact of new companies entering the market
C. Prices

Please provide reference(s)so I that I could refer to it. If possible, please use references from the U.S.


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Market Structure: The market structure of the fast food restaurant industry in which Burger King operates is characteristed by the dominance of few large players such as Mcdonald's and burger king with nationwide presence alongwith numerous other mid sized and small players with relatively lesser presence and dominance in the marketplace.

In an attempt to attract consumers in a recessionary economy, leading players such as Mcdonald's are offering new menus and attractive pricing to its customers. Further, the increasing consciousness about healthy menu, especially for kids, among such restaurants have forced them to introduce healtheir options in their menus.

The players in this industry are also focusing on offering ...

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Analyze the current market conditions of Burger King.