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Marginal Revenue - Marginal Cost

If a firm finds out that its MR is greater than its MC, it should: a) increase production and sales B0 decrease production and sales c) encourage the entry of other firms into the market d) keep raising its selling price until MR =MC. E) change nothing because profits are maximized.

Marginal Revenue - Demand Curves

Marginal Revenue becomes negative for a firm faced with a downward-sloping demand curve when: a) the demand price becomes negative b) the demand elasticity drops from elastic to inelastic c) total revenue is maximized d) the loss on previous units is at is maximum e) both b and c

Production-possibility frontier

8. Which one of the following must be held constant in drawing up a production-possibility frontier? A) The total resources. B) The quantity of money. C) Money income. D) Prices. E) The allocation of resources among alternate uses.

Microeconomics: Risk Aversion

** Please see the attached file for fully formatted problem description ** --- Define Risk Aversion. Consider a risk-averse von Neumann-Morgenstern individual having wealth w who must decide whether to accept or decline a simple gamble offering a chance of winning or losing a small amount of wealth h with probabilities p an

Economic Proof

Consider the problems of maximizing u(x) subject to px = y and maximizing v(u(x)) subject to px = y, where v(u) is strictly increasing over the range of u. Prove that x* solves the first problem if and only if it also solves the second problem. If this proof is in the Mas-Collel text or Varian text, let me know and I can loo

Boundaries of firms.

23. How do you expect the boundaries of firms doing business in developing countries to change, as these countries continue to grow and prosper? [hint: how will the demand for specific assets change in these countries?]