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Avon Cosmetics Inc

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I need to get some information regarding my Market Trends Paper. I have to describe market trends at Avon Cosmetics Inc. regarding the following three areas. Explain conclusions and how each of the following areas will change or not change, and why:

Market structure
Impact of new companies entering the market
Impact of government regulations and market trends

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The response addresses the queries posted in 846 Words, APA References

Avon Cosmetics Inc

Avon Cosmetics Inc. is a US based cosmetics firm. The Company operates in more than 140 Countries over the Globe. The Company's worldwide sales amount to around $9.9 billion.

The Company is regarded as the biggest direct selling organization in the world. The Company's product lines cater to women across 112 countries. It has nearly 1.6 million independent sales representatives who are involved in selling company's product on door to door basis. The Company employs nearly 29,900 employees worldwide, who work in various divisions of product management, manufacturing, and sales and service (Avon, 2009).

The Company's product line consist of beauty care items, makeup, perfumes for men and women, toiletries for bath, hair care, personal care, sun care, hand and body care products. Additionally the Company also sells jewelry and clothing. Even though the Company's focus is on women, it is expanding its male as well children directed product lines. The Company makes use of both door to door selling as well as catalogs to advertise its products. In certain markets like China the Company's products are sold through retail stores.

Market Structure

Cosmetics Industry is one of the most well established industries, globally. The US cosmetic market was established way back in 1900 with players like Elizabeth Arden, Helen Rubinstein and Max Factor. Later, Revlon also jumped into this fray followed by ...

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