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    Urban Geography

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    New York City

    Is NY City livable? Why or why not? If it meets the criteria for livability, discuss why. Is there anything that we can do to improve improve livability? If the city is not livable, discuss why it does not meet the criteria. Then, suggest ways to make the city livable. It is quite possible that you could end up w

    A Map Making Task

    I'm making a map of a city block but am confused how to come up with correct scale.The total length of the block is 320.33 feet long (3844 inches, 9763.76cm). I measured each building and lot physically and the measurements are based on my 8 inch stride. The buildings and lots are as follows: Pizza Hut 18 strides wide by 34 s

    Environmental Science

    How would you create a city that does not produce more air pollution than the atmosphere can cleanse naturally? In creating this more sustainable environment, consider livability, safety, and convenience.

    Central Place Theory is summarized.

    What are the core assumptions of central place theory? What are the competing lines of thought in determining where urban centers emerge and why?

    The Von Thunen model is used on agricultural land use.

    Using the Von Thunen model to answer questions on agricultural land use. Agricultural Land Use. The Von Thunen model Problem. From the data provided in table 1, determine the economic rent for each commodity at a distance of 0,100 and 200 km from the market center. Table 1