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A Map Making Task

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I'm making a map of a city block but am confused how to come up with correct scale.The total length of the block is 320.33 feet long (3844 inches, 9763.76cm). I measured each building and lot physically and the measurements are based on my 8 inch stride. The buildings and lots are as follows:

Pizza Hut 18 strides wide by 34 strides deep
18 x 8 = 144 in, 12ft, 365.76 cm wide
34X8=272 IN, 22.6 ft, 690.88 cm deep

Parking Lot-280 in. wide, 320 in deep

Apartments: 144 in wide, 1104 in deep

House 240 inches wide, 136 in deep

I have a whole block of buildings. How do I decide how big to draw each area to have a total of 2-4 sheets of paper taped together?

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Help is providing with a given map making task.

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If you plan to draw the map on 4x A4 sheets of paper taped together (or one sheet of A2) you will have a single piece of paper measuring approx 23x16.5 inches for the drawing.

Assuming the length of the block is greater than its depth, aim to draw its ...

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