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    Natural Hazards

    Discuss volcanic hazards.

    Discuss volcanic hazards. Although commonly thought to be associated with most volcanic eruptions (by the general public), lava is rarely responsible for the loss of life. Which hazards would tend to be more deadly? Finally, indicate and discuss those hazards that are a direct result of volcanic activity as well as those hazards

    Environmental Ramifications of New Orleans Construction

    As we now know all too well, parts of New Orleans were built below sea level -- the result of dredging and dike construction. Discuss how this may relate to the anthrosphere and to other environmental spheres, pre- and post-Katrina

    High School Geology

    1) Describe a real mass wasting incident. 2) What would you tell someone who wants to know why the study of geology is important? In what ways has geology influenced the way you think about your environment?

    Earthquake questions

    1) Post your answers to these questions: What causes earthquakes? Of the following factors, which do you think is the most reliable predictor of earthquakes? Explain your answer please. (a) recurrence interval (b) animal behavior (c) rock precursors 2) Post your answer to this question: Compare the use of the Mercalli

    Geological wonders are discussed.

    This job offers help to write a narrative like you're on a tour: Mount Saint Helen (Wash) Location - City, State, Country 1. When was the last eruption of this volcano? 2. What are the predictions for future activity of this volcano? 3. What interesting facts or stories are related to this volcano (for example,

    Earthquake p-wave speeds

    PROBLEM: The speed of earthquake P-waves, Vp , can be calculated using the equation below. The quantities p, x and y relate to the physical properties of the rock (and their values are in SI units): p is the density, x describes ease of compression and y describes the rigidity of the rock. ________ Vp = &#87

    Rocks/Plate Tectonics

    Can you explain: 1. The rock cycle 2. Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock textures 3. Plate tectonic setting and compositional variations.

    List of the current Volcanic eruptions

    I am doing a research project on volcanoes and volcanic activity present today. Do you have a list or update of current volcanic eruptions in the world today? Include the date of last eruption and geographic location for each, if possible.