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Environmental Toxicology

Sodium Dichromate (Chromium) and various effects on the environment?

I have searched the web, including HSDB, and EPA.. but am having difficulty finding some question regarding Sodium dichromate (Chromium (VI)) on cattle, fish, humans, and the enviro. The questions I have are: 1.) Finding the methods of calculating or assessing the effects of Sodium dichromate 2.) Is there also an anal

Sodium Dichromate (Chromium) and its effects on the environment

So I have been doing research for a project and am having some difficulty getting started on a particular problem relating to sodium dichromate (Chromium). See attached file. Specifics: -120 km of road has Sodium Dichromate spilled on it. -Possible run off of Sodium Dichromate into side ditch which lead to dugouts. -Dugo