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Environmental Toxicology

Sustainable environment

How would you create a city that does not produce more air pollution than the atmosphere can cleanse naturally? In creating this more sustainable environment, consider livability, safety, and convenience.

Poisoning a fish hatcher - Outside of the box thinking

The question is as follows.. You have just been hired by a major chemical comp. Located on the west coast. In your first week your company is being accused of leaking toxic effluent into an inlet 5 km upstream of a major commercial salmon hatchery. In the past week thousands of young salmon have died. Everyone is upset at y

Health Risk assessment

To whom it may concern, I am looking over a problem for my health risk course, and am having difficulties for an assignment... The assignment reads as follows. "The city is proposing to re-condition a high-level bridge next summer (May to September- Summer months) They will be sand-blasting the structure to remove the

Emergency Plan For a Agricultural Warehouse fire

THE PROBLEM: There has been a warehouse fire and the warehouse, located in rural area, contained 6 million kg of agricultural chemicals. The warehouse had a "secret" floor drain that was piped with a 20 cm pipe to small lagoon. The lagoon is located so that the overflow water from the lagoon conveniently flows to the highway dit

Emergency Plan For a Agricultural Warehouse Fire

I am currently doing a Toxicology assignment and was hoping that someone could shed light on how different organization would attack this particular incident. The situation involves a chemical fire near a small town. I am contacting you because I am hoping to utilize your professional skills. The assignment is as follows.

Sodium Dichromate (Chromium) and various effects on the environment?

I have searched the web, including HSDB, and EPA.. but am having difficulty finding some question regarding Sodium dichromate (Chromium (VI)) on cattle, fish, humans, and the enviro. The questions I have are: 1.) Finding the methods of calculating or assessing the effects of Sodium dichromate 2.) Is there also an anal

Sodium Dichromate (Chromium) and its effects on the environment

So I have been doing research for a project and am having some difficulty getting started on a particular problem relating to sodium dichromate (Chromium). See attached file. Specifics: -120 km of road has Sodium Dichromate spilled on it. -Possible run off of Sodium Dichromate into side ditch which lead to dugouts. -Dugo