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    Environmental Toxicology

    Effects of coal on aquatic organisms

    How does coal combustion affect aquatic organisms? Describe the steps, and the spheres (or systems, or media) involved. What factors influence the effects?

    Air Pollution and Adaptation

    How would you answer this question? We should not worry about air pollution because through natural selection, the human species will develop lungs that can detoxify pollutants. Try to should factual evidence from earth's history (Miller 2005, pp 87-90)

    What is a superfund site?

    There are many superfund sites in the U.S. and some of you may be surprised to learn that there is probably a superfund site located very close to where you live and you were not even aware of it. 1. Define what a superfund site is. 2. Identify a superfund site within your own state. (A superfund site is NOT a websit

    Sustainable environment

    How would you create a city that does not produce more air pollution than the atmosphere can cleanse naturally? In creating this more sustainable environment, consider livability, safety, and convenience.

    Poisoning a fish hatcher - Outside of the box thinking

    The question is as follows.. You have just been hired by a major chemical comp. Located on the west coast. In your first week your company is being accused of leaking toxic effluent into an inlet 5 km upstream of a major commercial salmon hatchery. In the past week thousands of young salmon have died. Everyone is upset at y

    Health Risk assessment

    To whom it may concern, I am looking over a problem for my health risk course, and am having difficulties for an assignment... The assignment reads as follows. "The city is proposing to re-condition a high-level bridge next summer (May to September- Summer months) They will be sand-blasting the structure to remove the

    Emergency Plan For a Agricultural Warehouse fire

    THE PROBLEM: There has been a warehouse fire and the warehouse, located in rural area, contained 6 million kg of agricultural chemicals. The warehouse had a "secret" floor drain that was piped with a 20 cm pipe to small lagoon. The lagoon is located so that the overflow water from the lagoon conveniently flows to the highway dit

    Emergency Plan For a Agricultural Warehouse Fire

    I am currently doing a Toxicology assignment and was hoping that someone could shed light on how different organization would attack this particular incident. The situation involves a chemical fire near a small town. I am contacting you because I am hoping to utilize your professional skills. The assignment is as follows.

    Sodium Dichromate (Chromium) and various effects on the environment?

    I have searched the web, including HSDB, and EPA.. but am having difficulty finding some question regarding Sodium dichromate (Chromium (VI)) on cattle, fish, humans, and the enviro. The questions I have are: 1.) Finding the methods of calculating or assessing the effects of Sodium dichromate 2.) Is there also an anal

    Sodium Dichromate (Chromium) and its effects on the environment

    So I have been doing research for a project and am having some difficulty getting started on a particular problem relating to sodium dichromate (Chromium). See attached file. Specifics: -120 km of road has Sodium Dichromate spilled on it. -Possible run off of Sodium Dichromate into side ditch which lead to dugouts. -Dugo