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Air Pollution and Adaptation

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How would you answer this question? We should not worry about air pollution because through natural selection, the human species will develop lungs that can detoxify pollutants. Try to should factual evidence from earth's history (Miller 2005, pp 87-90)

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Why humans should not rely on natural selection to make them able to withstand air pollution is determined in the solution.

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The earth's history shows slow changes in atmospheric composition. Slow change allows for natural selection to occur. During the Holocene (last ~10,000 years) the climate and atmosphere were remarkably stable. Scientists have analyzed bubbles of gas trapped in the Greenland and Antarctic ice packs as a measure of past atmospheric composition. All these studies show during the Holocene, the atmospheric carbon dioxide does not appear to have varied by more than about 5 percent from a long-term mean of about 270 parts per million (ppm). In spite of these ...

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