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    Sorting a List and Displaying Mean

    Simple Array Process ? Input a list of employee names and salaries, and determine the mean (average) salary as well as the number of salaries above and below the mean. Use the top-down modular approach and pseudocode to design a suitable program to solve it. Please generate only the pseudocode (a simple one) - No charting

    Write interactive program that uses scanf()

    Need to read in 7 strings input by the user.It need to print the seven strings as list than sort them alfabeticaly and print new list.use strcmp() for sorting. Also use #define N_STRINGS 7

    Algorithm: Divide a group of people into two disjoint subgroups.

    For example, find a simple algorithm for solving the following problem and classify it using big-theta notation: Divide a group of people into two disjoint subgroups (of arbitrary size) such that the difference in the total ages of the members of the two subgroups is as large as possible.Now change the problem so that the des

    Pick all correct answers

    Question Pick all correct answers: If f(x) = 3x^2 + 4ln(x) + 9, then f(x) is:... a. Big-Theta of g(x) = x^2 b. Big-Omega of g(x) = 1 c. An unimpressive time-cost function for a sorting algorithm d. Big-O of x^5 e. Big-Omega of x^5

    Indexes, data types, filegroups, and transaction logs

    Discuss your thoughts on the effects of indexes, data types, filegroups, and transaction logs on space considerations. Which of those database constructs do you feel are most important to manage when it comes to database size considerations? Why? What factors would you focus on when determining the actual size of these database

    Visual Looping and constructs

    You have just been hired to teach a course, not necessarily a programming course, in your local community college. After your first week, you collect the first set of assignments from your students and grade them. To make sure that you enter all the grades on your spreadsheet, you decide to sort your students' grades in asce

    Oral History Data Organization

    You are helping scientists analyze oral history data they have collected by interviewing members of a village. From these interviews they have learned about a set of n people (all are dead now) whom we will denote P1, P2, ... Pn. The have also collected facts about when these people lived relative to one another. Each fact

    Scheduling Activities

    Your friend is working as a camp counselor at a camp. He needs to organize activities for the kids. One of his plans is the following marathon: each contestant must swim 20 laps of a pool, then bike 10 miles, and then run 3 miles. The plan is to send the contestants out in a staggered fashion via the following rule: the contesta

    Median Finding Algorithm for Joint Databases

    You are interested in analyzing some hard to obtain data from two separate databases. Each database contains n numerical values - so there are 2n values total- and you may assume that no two values are the same. You'd like to determine the median of this set of 2n values, which we will define here to be the nth smallest value.

    Topological Sorting

    An algorithm for computing a topological ordering of a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) repeatedly finds a node with no incoming edges and deletes it. This will eventually produce a topological ordering, provided that the input graph really is a DAG. But suppose that we're given an arbitrary graph that may or may not be a DAG. Ex

    Minimum amount of Base Stations

    Let's consider a long, quiet country road with houses scattered very sparsely along it. (Picture the road as a long line segment with an eastern endpoint and a western endpoint.) Further lets suppose that despite the country setting, the residents of all these houses are avid cell phone users. You want to place cell phone bas

    Analyze: Oral History Data Organization

    You are helping scientists analyze oral history data they have collected by interviewing members of a village. From these interviews they have learned about a set of n people (all are dead now) whom we will denote P1, P2, ... Pn. They have also collected facts about when these people lived relative to one another. Each fact h

    Kruskal's algorithm - graphs

    Suppose that all edge weights in a graph are integers in the range from 1 to |V|. How fast can you make Kruskal's algorithm run? What if the edge weights are integers in the range from 1 to W for some constant W?

    Merging Sorted Lists using Heaps

    I need help figuring out an algorithm that will merge k sorted lists into one sorted lists in O(n lg k) time where n is the number of elements in ALL the input lists. I believe we are supposed to use a Heap for k-way merging.

    Sum of 2 Numbers from a Set in O(n log n) Algorithm

    Lubo and Mike are building a "do all" robot in CS148 and have found that they have to fit two lego pieces side by side into an opening. The opening is x inches wide and the sum of the widths of the two pieces has to be exactly equal to the width of the opening, otherwise, their robot will fall apart during the demo. They have a

    Significant Inversions Algorithm : Inversion Pairs

    You are given a sequence of n distinct numbers A1, ... , An. An inversion is a pair i < j such that Ai > Aj. Call a pair (i, j) a significant inversion if i < j and Ai > 2*Aj. Give an O(n*log(n)) algorithm to count the number of significant inversions in the input sequence.

    Java data structures and alg.

    1. QUESTION 1a Write a recursive "Merge" method meeting this specification: Inputs: a sorted list L1 and a sorted list L2. Outputs: a sorted list that is the merging of L1 and L2, and, the number of times two list elements were compared during the merging process (call it C). The recursive Merge

    Operators for eight queens puzzle

    Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Year 2 operator/sate world to implememnt the eight queens problem -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want help with writing the opeartors which contains the states includiing its precondition and action for the eight queens problem. t

    Operator/Sate World to Implememnt the Eight Queens Problem

    I want help with writing the operators and states including its precondition and action for the eight queens problem where the queens must not be in conflict. That is placing 8 pieces (the queens) on an 8 by 8 chess board. The pieces must be placed so that no 2 are in the same row, column or diagonal. This should be in LISP.

    Critical Path using MS Project

    Hi, Attached is a MS Project File I'm creating. I need to setup the Critical Path. I don't know how to do it. I will prefere you show me how to do it instead of doing it for me. I want to learn how ("Microsoft Help" didn't help much).

    Classes and Enumerators

    Use the type Date (consisting of a month name, day number, and a year number) to develop a class Event to model events scheduled for specified dates. use this class in a program that reads several events and stores these in a vector of Events. After all the events have been entered, the program should display a schedule of eve

    Access - a few corrections to be made

    Query In the qry#2TerritoriesAndProducts query: - sort by product description, then by customer name, in ascending order. In qry#6ConcatenatedNames: ? sort by Territory Name, Sales Rep Last Name, First Name, Customer Name, Contact Last Name, First Name (Make sure a comma and a space separate the last and first names

    Customer Orders Database Queries

    Please see the attached report.doc question and make change to the database. (Please change the file extension). See the attachments.

    Query Database Questions

    . List all active customers. Include the following fields, in the order in which they appear below: Customer ID Customer Name Contact First Name Contact Last Name Contact Phone 2. Sort by Customer Name, then by Contact Last Name, then by Contact First Name. NOTE: All 3 of these Sorts need to be don

    Programming in Java

    Tracking a class list: I want to implement a program that allows the user to manage a list of up to 20 students. The student information tracked by the program includes: Student identification number, which is a 6 digit positive integer Full name, a string of up to a maximum of 24 characters in length Faculty which

    Sorting in Java Pseudocodes

    Part (A) Sort the array 15 80 35 25 60 30 into descending order using a) the selection sort. b) the buble sort. Part (B) A first year student attempted to write mergesort in pseudocode as follows. mergesort(theArray, n) { if (n > 1){ // more than one item to sort mergesort(left half of th

    Using arrays in C programming.

    How do I write a program that will read ten integers from the keyboard and place them in an array? The program must then sort the array into ascending and descending order and print the sorted lists. The program must not change the original array or create any other integer arrays. How would I begin this problem if I'm working