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    Access - a few corrections to be made

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    In the qry#2TerritoriesAndProducts query:
    - sort by product description, then by customer name, in ascending order.

    In qry#6ConcatenatedNames:

    ? sort by Territory Name, Sales Rep Last Name, First Name, Customer Name, Contact Last Name, First Name

    (Make sure a comma and a space separate the last and first names in each set of concatenated names.)

    ? Display Rep and Contact as the headings in the two columns of concatenated field data.

    In qry#7ProductAndDateParameter:

    ? Sort by Customer ID, Customer Name, Product Description, Quantity Ordered, Date of Order

    ? My explanation isn't visible in the Database window. Please change the view of the window.

    1. Both form #1 and form #2 need to have the Navigation Bar displayed at the bottom of the window, so I can move from record to record.

    2. In form #2:

    ? The New England Zip codes are missing their lead zeros in the subform. This is something that occurred in the tables, and must be fixed.
    ? Item 1 bullet 7: All of the territory names aren't fully displayed.
    ? the sales rep names aren't fully displayed, some being truncated.

    (See question also in attachment)

    Thank you.

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