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Prisons - Avoiding another Attica

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What changes do you think have been made by prison administrations in order to avoid another Attica-type prison riot? Compare and contrast the policies of Attica to typical prison policies today.

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What changes do you think have been made by prison administrations in order to avoid another Attica-type prison riot?

Changes to prison conditions have been made to avoid another Attica type prison riot. Attica's prison inmates were fighting against the indignity and brutality they suffered at the hands of prison officials and the overcrowding of prisons in general. A few months after Attica's riots, administration made several changes in policies and made improvements in visiting conditions, lessened the restrictions on mail, installed pay phones for inmates' use, allowance for more "out of cell" time, established a grievance procedure, expansion of educational programs and finally, began an effort o hire minority prison guards. Improvements in prison food and nutrition standards were made. Prisons switched from a ...

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This solution discusses the changes which need to be made to avoid another attica-like scenario (riot). The solution is approximately 480 words with one citation.

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