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Sorting in Java

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Part (A) Sort the array 15 80 35 25 60 30 into descending order using

a) the selection sort.
b) the buble sort.

Part (B) A first year student attempted to write mergesort in pseudocode as follows.

mergesort(theArray, n) {

if (n > 1){ // more than one item to sort

mergesort(left half of theArray, n/2)

mergesort(right half of theArray, n/2)



a) The above algorithm has a fundamental flaw. As written, how does it change theArray?

b) What is the worst-case runtime of this incorrect algorithm? Give as tight an asymptotic upper bound as possible, using Big-Oh notation as a function of n. Justify your answer.

The original course website where the problem comes from is here, I think it will be helpful if you take a look at it first: www.student.math.uwaterloo.ca/~cs134

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Solution Summary

Sorting in Java is emphasized. The selection sort and bubble sort functions are examined.

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Part (A) Sort the array 15 80 35 25 60 30 into descending order using

a) the selection sort.
The selection sort (in descending order) is described as: performs sorting by repeatedly putting the largest element in the unprocessed portion of the array to the head of this unprocessed portion until the whole array is sorted. To sort array 15 80 35 25 60 30 into descending order, the following steps will be taken:
• Find the largest element in the unsorted portion of the array which is the original array. The element found is 80, exchange it with the head of the unsorted array which is ...

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