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Java Programming: SchoolTextBook Class

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Create a class titled SchoolTextBook that contains fields for the author, title, page count, ISBN, and price. This SchoolTextBook class will also provide setter and getter methods for all fields. Save this class in a file titled SchoolTextBook.java.

Write an application with an array that holds 5 instances of the SchoolTextBook class, filled without prompting the user for input. Next prompt the used to enter a field for sorting, sort the array of objects based on the user input, and then display the newly sorted array of objects. Save this class in a file titled SchoolTextBookSort.java.

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The expert examines SchoolTextBook Classes for java programming.

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import java.text.NumberFormat;

public class SchoolTextBook {

private String author; //1 for sorting
private String title; //2 for sorting
private int pageCount; //3 for sorting
private String isbn; //4 for sorting
private double price; //5 for sorting

public SchoolTextBook() {

public SchoolTextBook(String a, String t, int c, String ...

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