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Creating a Recursive Java Program That Sorts Objects

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I need to implement a class 'SearchSort' which contains recursive versions of the methods below:

static void selectionSort(Comparable[] list)
static boolean binarySearch(Comparable[] list, Comparable target) // true if target in list

The signatures of the method like the ones above.
The class (SearchSort) must also have the method 'static boolean isSorted(Comparable[] list)' that returns true if (and only if) the enclosed list is sorted (smallest item first).

Another program 'SearchSortMain' shows and tests the different methods.

Enclosed please find an example of names and telephone numbers that can be used for sorting.

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Solution Summary

Provides steps necessary to create a recursive Java program that sorts objects.

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Please see attached files - "SearchSort.java", "SearchSortMain.java".

The file "SearchSort.java" ...

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