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Creating a Java Program that Sorts a 10 Element Integer Array

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Design and implement a Java program which sorts a 10 element integer array using the bubble sort process. The elements of the array to be sorted should be supplied by the user and should not include any duplicates.

Create a GUI front end for your bubble sort program. In the example there are 10 text fields on a JFrame background to allow input of array elements (remember that for each text field you must press the carriage return key to invoke the listener). When the array has been populated, we press the start button, at which point the given array is output as a label. We then sort the result and output the sorted array.

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Provides a Java program that can sort a 10 element integer array.

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Step 1:Compile Sorting.java
Either by javac Sorting.java
javac -d . Sorting.java

Step 2: Run Sorting.java
java Sorting

It opens a Frame ...

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