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C++ code

I am having a difficult time getting started generating a C++ code for this function. char *ism_repallfile(const char *szin, const char *sztarget, const char *str, const char *sub) This is what the code is supposed to do: Takes a text file, szin opens it in line_by_line. For each line, it replaces any occurrences of str wi

Cantilever Beam Deflection

A problem is needed using microsoft visual C++ to do the following. Problem Description: For your strength of materials course you wilii write a single program using control structures(including nested loops)and file I/O to explore the deflection of a cantilever beam with a point load at the free end. This is to be on the

C++ cin.ignore function simple question

I wrote the following c++ code to a source file /this program will calculate federal and fica taxes withheld and calculate net pay //for an employee #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <stdlib.h> using namespace std; //function prototypes void empInput(string&, float&, float&, float&); float calcFwt(f

Classes in C++, implementing a member function.

I am having a dificult time understanding Classes in C++ and how to implement member functions. Given the attached code I need to: 1: Add the code to implement all of the member functions. 2: Test them from main as coded. 3: Show the order the constructors are called. 4: Show the order the destructors are called.

C++ Program help

I need someone to help me with this C++ program. I need it urgently to study for a text and compare it with mine. I'll really appreciate your answer. Thank you in advance.