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    English to US Currency Conversion Program in C++

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    Complete the following problem in C++.

    Repetition: Write a program that reads an exchange rate for converting English currency to U.S. currency and then reads several values in English currency and converts each amount to the equivalent U.S. currency. Display all amounts with appropriate labels. Use a sentinel-controlled or end-of-file-controlled loops for the input.

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    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    int main(){

    //British Pound
    float pound;
    //US Dollar
    float dollar;
    //The input amount, when it is -1 that means the end of ...

    Solution Summary

    In this program you will learn the use of loops to repeatedly take input from the user and also, you will learn about sentinel or guard to know when to stop taking inputs from the user. The program is well-documented, including comments so that it can be easily understood. A cpp. file is attached.