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Menu based Currency Conversion Program in C

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Expand the "Currency Conversion" program to include a menu that allows the user to choose which currency he/she wishes to display in its equivalency to the US dollar. - Correctly use at least 1 function or subroutine

Permit the user to input an amount to be converted into US Dollars. You may assume that a number is input. You may not assume the value is > zero. Only values > zero are valid.

Permit the user to repeatedly perform different conversions to US Dollars. The user will be provided a way to indicate when they are done & the program will exit
* In Program I am interested in the use of the Do..While an If..Else for the new part. I also realize that the second attached file has a few errors.

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Solution Summary

Demonstrates how to write C code for a Menu driven currency conversion program with input validity.

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You can find the zip file attached which contains the source code and compiled code.
The source is very well documented so that you can understand why each step is being taken.

Essentially, the following are the key steps in the solution:
1. using a function enter ...

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