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Currency Conversion

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Start Main Module

Declare selection as integer
Declare currencyType as Integer
Declare internationalValue as real

End Main Module

Display Menu

Display "Welcome to the international currency conversion program"
Display "Please make a selection"
Display "International Currency Types:"
Display "1: Canadian Dollars"
Display "2: Mexican Pesos"
Display "3: English Pounds"
Display "4: Japanese Yen"
Display "5: French Francs"
Display "6: Quit"
Display "Enter a selection:"

Input currencyType

If currencyType >= 1 AND currencyType <= 5 then
elseif currencyType = 6

Display "Quitting Currency Conversion"

Display "Error 4: Invalid menu selection."

End Display Menu

Get International Value

Declare value as integer

Display "Enter a currency value (positive number): "
Input internationalValue

if internationalValue > 0 AND internationValue <= XXXXXXX then

Display "Error 1: Invalid input--Negative Number"
continue = true

Convert Currency

Declare rate as real
Select Case of currencyType

case 1:
Set rate = 1.4680

case 2:
Set rate = 9.5085

case 3:
Set rate = .6085

case 4:
Set rate = XXX.XXXX;

case 5:
Set rate = 6.2561

Set rate = 0.0

End Case

USValue = rate * internationalValue

End Convert Currency

Display Results
Select Case of currencyType

case 1
nation = "Canadian"
currency = "Dollars"

case 2
nation = "Mexican"
currency = "Pesos"

case 3
nation = "English"
currency = "Pounds"

case 4:
nation = "Japanese"
currency = "Yen"

case 5
nation = "French"
currency = "Francs"

nation = "No country"
currency = ""

end case

Display "The value of ", internationalValue, " " , nation, " ", currency, " is ", USValue, " dollars"

Display "Error 5: Invalid currency type."
End Display Results

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The expert examines currency conversion. The expert incorporates any changes recommended by the instructor.

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