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    Artificial Intelligence

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    Data Storage

    While it is true that computer storage is getting bigger and faster, how does that help us? As we start saving more and more information, it is really possible for the average person to keep all of the information organized? For large companies sure, but at home it might be causing an information overload.

    New Programming Language for a New Wave

    I have not seen them yet, but the wave appears to be toward a complete English ability to write computer programs. You would simply tell the computer what you want to do and through voice recognition the system would generate the computer code and then let you review and edit the program. Sounds amazing to me, but I'll bet it i

    use of computers go in the future

    After reading about programming languages and their capabilities, think about all of the devices in your home that have a computer. Where will computer programming and the use of computers go in the future? Think about things that might happen in your lifetime.

    Descision Support Systems

    Define Business Performance Management and how DSS relates the Business Performance Management. Explain how Knowledge Management benefits organizations. What techniques and tools are used in data mining? What are the benefits to an organization of artificial intelligence? Provide an example.

    Bead Bar Consultant

    Imagine that you acting as an IT consultant for them. What software solutions would you recommend to your executives based on their needs? Explain your answer. Meredith (President and Owner) "My main concern is understanding how software will help the company so that I can make an informed investment decision. In addition

    Relational Database Limitations

    Object-Oriented (OO) development is by far the most popular in the development arena today, however, object-oriented databases are not. Relational databases still rule the roost, however, this causes some headache for OO developers. A concept that many of the major database vendors have come up with is a hybrid database tha

    What is dynamic binding?

    2) What is it's role in object-oriented programming? 3) What is the difference between functional and imperative programming language? 4) Why is LISP dominating the Artificial Intelligence?

    Developments in Emerging Technologies

    Are you a optimistic or apprehensive about the developments in emerging technologies that simulate human experience? Give examples of a business situation that would benefit from each of the following? Artificial intelligence Expert systems Virtual reality.

    C project changes

    I tried compiling this code in unix but I keep getting "reference error. no output written to a.out: ID return exit one status". I was thinking that something was wrong with the code or I typed the command wrong. ("gcc score.c"). Plus the journal.txt file was modified to include and exclude commas, will that affect the output

    Artificial Intelligence

    Q1. Give some examples of declarative knowledge. Give some examples of procedural knowledge. Q2. In the context of a production system, what is the difference between a state graph and a search tree?

    Artificial Intelligence

    In the text we briefly discussed the problems of understanding natural languages as opposed to formal programming languages. As an example of the complexities involved in the case of natural languages, identify situations in which the question "Do you know what time it is?" has different meanings. Describe how the problem of

    Artificial Intelligence

    Think of five questions that you would use if you were acting as the interrogator of a Turing test. Why would a computer have difficulty answering them well? How would answering, or not answering, these questions help you determine if your subject was a computer or a human being?

    Artificial Intelligence: Brains & Computers

    Brains & Computers If the brain is a computer and the mind its workings, is this a fitting analogy of the computer and its software? What would happen if we had dedicated computers with a huge number of neuron circuits? Would intelligence develop? Would we be able to understand it

    Java Programming - GUI Program

    Write a GUI program which incorporates a try-catch block to error check your input for integers and alphabetic characters other than Y or N. Your program must include two interactions. Each interaction will ask the user at least two questions, both of which require a yes/no response (Y or N). The program flow will depend on both

    Peripheral Devices

    Discusses the structure of the computer systems that might support the reported developments and address the following: 1. Possible demands on the CPU 2. Possible demands on data storage 3. Possible demands on I/O 4. Possible demands on communication 5. The range of predicted uses and the difficulties that might be encoun

    Critical Evaluation of Passages

    Give a critical evaluation of each of the following passages 13. The preferred food of red-tailed boas consists of small mammals. Coyolxauhqui is a red-tailed boa, so she must eat mice. 14. We must accept the traditions of the men of old time who affirm themselves to be the offspring of the gods that is what they say and


    How can Internet-EDI affect the balance of power in businesses?

    See below

    Assesse three different organizations' e-business models. A. Choose three of the following categories: 1. B2B (e.g., Intel); 2. B2C (e.g., Eddie Bauer); 3. C2C (e.g., eBay); 4. e-Government (e.g., state government, Air Force); 5. Nonprofit (e.g., United Way). B. Identify differences and similarities of the business models, takin

    Ethical issues on information systems

    Hello, I have attached the case study on a ethical issue.I really have to analyse as what I will be doing in that situation.I tried to think over soo many times and ended up in no solution.The case is just describing a scenario and I need to answer what can be done.Can anyone please help in this?I need a detailed report on t