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    Ethical issues on information systems

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    I have attached the case study on a ethical issue.I really have to analyse as what I will be doing in that situation.I tried to think over soo many times and ended up in no solution.The case is just describing a scenario and I need to answer what can be done.Can anyone please help in this?I need a detailed report on this.


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    That's an interesting one. Let's go through the issues as they occur to me..
    <br>1) O'Grady has a preconcieved notion of the effectiveness of a computer diagnosis as compared to a human diagnosis. Kalla is not familiar with medicine. This means that neither of them is the most competant person to find flaws in the product. Yet, apparently Kalla is in charge of testing (or at least that's the impression I ...

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    Ethical issues on information systems are briefly examined.