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Trial Balance

Adjusted Trial Balance for Porter Company

P4-2A The adjusted trial balance columns of the worksheet for Porter Company are as follows. PORTER COMPANY Worksheet For the Year Ended December 31, 2008 Adjusted No. Account Trial Balance Account Titles

Adjusting Entries, Post T-accounts, Adjusted trial balance

Josh Stein started his own consulting firm, Astromech Consulting, on June 1, 2007. The trial balance at June 30 is as follows. ASTROMECH CONSULTING Trial Balance June 30, 2007 Debit Credit Cash $6,850 Accounts Receivable 7,000 Prepaid Insurance

Journalize transactions, post and prepare trial balance

P2-5A The Lake Theater opened on April 1. All facilities were completed on March 31. At this time, the ledger showed: Na.lDl Cash $6,000, No. 140 Land $10,000, No. 145 Buildings (concession stand, projection room, ticket booth, and screen) $8,000, No. 157 Equipment $6,000, No. 201 Accounts Payable $2,000, No. 275 Mortgage Pa

Journalize transactions, post to T-accounts, and trial balance

See attached file. EW_P2-26A Josh Groben opened a law office on December 2 of the current year. During the first month of operations, the business completed the following transactions: Dec 2-Groben deposited $30,000 cash in the business bank account, Josh Groben, Attorney. Dec 3-Purchased supplies, $500, and furniture,

Journalize transaction, adjusting entry, trial balance, income

John Smith starts a sole proprietorship, Johnny's Store, on December 1, 2009. He plans to reinvest all profits in the business for the first several years. I. Using Excel, record the following transactions in journal entry form. 1. Smith opens a bank account in the name of Johnny's Store with his personal check for $5,00

Accounting help, I need help and explanation about journalizing.

Please find in attachment the work I need help on. Please do not answer the TRUE or FALSE question. Kwan Lee began a cleaning service on October 1, 20xx and engaged in the following transactions during his first month of operations. Use the attached forms to do the following: 1. Journalize the entries in the General Journa

Sterling Company: Prepare a Corrected Trial Balance

Refer to the attached file for more details. The trial balance of the Sterling Company shown below does not balance. STERLING COMPANY Trial Balance May 31, 2010 Cash 5,650 Accounts Receivable $2,750 Prepaid Insurance 625 Equipment 7,779 Accounts Payable 4,457 Property Taxes Payable 579 M.Sterling, Cap

Accounting Journal/Trial Balance: AE Consulting

A. Emmit invested $82,000 cash along with office equipment valued at $22,000 in a new company named AE consulting. b. the company purchased land valued at $40,000 and a building valued at $165,000. The purchase is paid with $25,000 cash and a long-term note payable for $180,000 c. the company purchased $1,700 of office sup

St James: Prepare a Trial Balance, adjustments and worksheet

I am requesting assistance on the trial balance added to and completed to a worksheet for a month ending. All operating expenses under two accounts, Selling Expense and General Expense. If I could have guidance on the adjusted trial balance, adjustments, and the closing accounts. Supplies consumed during the month, 1500. Hal

Net income, adjusting entry, resources and distributions

Fundamental Accounting Principles Determine the net income of a company for which the following information is available for the month of May. Employee salaries expense $180,000 Interest expense $10,000 Rent Expense $20,000 Consulting revenue $400,000 Answer Question 5 answers $190,000 $210,000 $230,000

Preparing a Trial Balance in U.S. Dollars

Management of Boston Corp (U.S. Company) is trying to expand operations into Asia.A proposal has been made to acquire a Japaneses manufacturing company (Sonyo Enterprises) to meet this objective. The management of Boston has requested info on the dollar values that would appear on the consolidated financial statements if Boston

Woodshop Inc : journalize, post, trial balance, financial st

The Woodshop was started by John Birch on August 1, 2008. John moved the business from his garage to a rented building. The Woodshop entered into the following transactions in August: Aug 1: Assets received from John: cash, $9,000, accounts receivable, $18,000, wood supplies, $22,000, office supplies, $700, machinery, $15,0


Small problem to solve. attachment below. P2-4A The trial balance of Sterling Company shown below does not balance. STERLING COMPANY Trial Balance May 31, 2010 Debit Credit Cash $5,850 Accounts Receivable $2,750 Prepaid Insurance 700 Equipment 8,000

Journal Entries, Ledgers, and Trial Balance

Please see the attached file. Sept. 1 Transferred $2,500 from personal savings account to business checking account. Sept. 10 Signed up for home inspection course at local community college. Cost is $1,000. Put this on the business credit card. Sept. 15 Purchased reference materials from local book store. Paid $250

Trial Balance

When is the trial balance prepared? What is the purpose of preparing a trial balance? What does the trial balance tell you? What does the trial balance not tell you? Why not use the Trial Balance to report financial information internally and externally? What limitations does it have over formal financial statements?

Calculations with a Trial Balance

The following trial balance was taken from the records of Jones Cash $5,000 Raw materials inventory 750 Work in process inventory 1,200 Finished goods inventory 2,100 Property, plant, and equipment 7,500 Accumulated depreciation

Analyzing the Effects of Transactions

Analyze the effects of transactions using t-accounts and preparing an unadjusted trial balance. Spicewood Stables, Inc., was established in Dripping Springs, Texas, on April 1, 2007. The company provides stables, care for animals, and grounds for riding and showing horses. You have been hired as the new Assistant Controller. The

Jack's: Income, Retained Earnings, and Balance

The adjusted trial balance of Jacks Financial Planners: Debit Credit Cash $17,400 Accounts Receivable 2,200 Office Supplies 1,800 Office Equipment 15,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Office Equipment $4,000 Accounts Payable

Undercover Roofing: balance sheet

The trial balance columns of the work sheet for Undercover Roofing Inc. at March 31, 2006, are as follows. UNDERCOVER ROOFING INC. Work Sheet For the Month Ended March 31, 2006 Trial Balance Account Titles Dr. Cr. Cash 2,500 Accounts Receivable 1,800 Roofing Suppli

Uncollectible receivables trial balances

Please explain the attached problem. QS 9-3: Warner Company's year-end unadjusted trial balance shows accounts receivable of $99,000, allowance for doubtful accounts of $600 (credit), and sales of $28,000. Uncollectibles are estimated to be 1.5% of accounts receivables. 1. Prepare the December 31 year-end entry fo

Acorn Nursery School: Transactions, Journalize, Trial Balance

Transaction analysis, General Ledger, Ledger Accounts and Trial Balance P. The Acorn Nursery School Company provides baby-sitting and child-care programs. On January 31, 20xx, the company had the following trial balance Acorn Nursery School Company Trial Balance January 31, 20xx Cash (111)