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    Journalize transactions, post to T-accounts, and trial balance

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    Josh Groben opened a law office on December 2 of the current year. During the first month of operations, the business completed the following transactions:

    Dec 2-Groben deposited $30,000 cash in the business bank account, Josh Groben, Attorney.
    Dec 3-Purchased supplies, $500, and furniture, $2,600, on account.
    Dec 4-Performed legal service for a client and received cash, $1500
    Dec 7-Paid cash to acquire land for a future office site, $22,000.
    Dec 11- Prepared legal documents for a client on account, $900
    Dec 15- Paid secretary's salary, $570
    Dec 16-Paid for the furniture purchased December 3 on account.
    Dec 18-Received $1,800 cash for helping a client sell real estate.
    Dec 19-Defended a client in court and billed the client for $800
    Dec 29-Received a partial collection from client on account, $400
    Dec 31-Paid secretary's salary, $570
    Dec 31-Paid rent expense, $700
    Dec 31- Withdrew $2,200 for personal use.

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