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Pension Plans

What are defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans and do companies regularly do a lot of switching between the two plans and if so why?

Discuss: Pension Plans and 401K

Questions: How does a pension plan differ from a 401K plan? As an employee, would you rather have a pension plan or a 401K plan? Why? If you were an employer, would your decision change? Why or why not?

Hava Corporation's defined benefit pension plan

The following information reconciles the funded status of Hava Corporation's defined benefit pension plan with the amount reported in its balance sheet for the prepaid (accrued) pension: ($ in 000s) 2006 2006 Beginning balance

Pension funds

A company sets up a pension fund for its employees. Its aim is to pay out £1,500 monthly to each pensioner over his / her remaining lifetime. The actuary assumes that employees retire at the age of 65 and have a life expectancy of 20 more years after that. The company wishes to set aside a certain amount of money P for each pen