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Bayern Brauerei Finance Case

1. How would you describe Bayern Brauerei's current financial health with respect to: a. Growth b. Profitability c. Cost structure d. Working Capital 2. Evaluate the assumptions on which the 1993 and 1994 forecasted financial statements are based. 3. Evaluate the proposed expansion plan. 4. If you were Maria Ober, how w

Investment Questions

What is the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution? What are derivatives? How can they be used to manage a portfolio? What is an IRA? Is it important for an individual to have an IRA? Why or why not? How can you maximize the benefits of your employer's retirement fund?

Finance Short Case

Please read the attached case and answer the following questions. 1. What is the expected incremental profit from the Challenger bike? 2. What are the strategic risks and rewards? 3. What should Baldwin do? Why? Thank you very much in advance.

BETA in terms of Overall Risk of your Company

Using This Web Page, find the value of beta for your reference company. Write a two page paper discussing the following items: a. What does this beta mean in terms of the overall risk of your company as the shareholders perceive it? What are the implications for raising equity capital for your firm based on this beta? b.

Daimler Benz (German) - Chrysler

I'm doing some research on the Daimler Benz-Chrysler merger and need some extra guidance. What were the measurements that management planned to use to measure success of the deal? What is the expected impact on the combined company's capital structure? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Graphs, cha

Coefficient of Variation

Bridget's Modeling Studios is considering opening in a new location in Miami. An aftertax cash flow of $120 per day (expected value) is projected for each of the two locations being evaluated. Which of these sites would you select based on the distribution of these cash flows (use the coefficient of variation as your measu

Yield to Maturity for the Heymann Company's bonds

The Heymann Company's bonds have 4 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually; the bonds have a $1,000 par value; and the coupon interest rate is 9%. a/ What is the yield to maturity at a current market price of (1) $829 or (2) $1,104? b/ Would you pay $829 for one of these bonds if you thought that the appro

Five multi-choice questions concern shareholder basis in an S-corporation.

1. Keeping track of shareholder basis in S-Corporation stock is the responsibility of a. the corporation b. the shareholder 2. Knowing the basis in the stock is important a. for limiting the amount of loss a shareholder can deduct b. for limiting the amount of gain a shareholder must report 3. A non-taxable distribu

Financial Appraisal for ABC plc

ABC plc is considering launching a takeover bid for XYZ plc. The two companies are in the industry and have identical cost of equity capital, which is 12% after tax. Below is an extract of some financial data on both companies: ABC plc XYZ plc Earnings per share (eps) 50 pence 10 pence Dividend per share (dp

Finance multiple choice questions

If a stock rose from $10 to $30 over ten years, the annual rate of return: a. Was 20 percent. b. Was greater than 20 percent. c. Was less than 20 percent. d. Cannot be determined. 2. To determine the realized return on an investment, the investor needs to know: Income received. The cost of an

Corporate after tax yields/rate of return/finance problems

3-5 The Shrieves Corporation has $10,000 that it plans to invest in marketable securities. It is choosing among AT&T Bonds, which yield 7.5%, state of Florida muni bonds, which yield 5%, and AT & T preferred stock , with a dividend yield of 6%. Shrieves' corporate tax is rate is 35%, and 70% of the dividends received are tax

Financing issues when going public.

Describe the financing issues that an organization faces when it goes public. Include an example of a company which has had an initial public offering in the past three years to address the following: GOOGLE is the company that has be chosen. d. Source and application of funds

Finance Questions

1. Pick out a stock (you may wish to use:, company/key statistics, for example Microsoft and look up its Beta. What does that Beta tell you about the stock? Does it correlate to what you would expect? Why? 2. How has the Internet changed the way stocks are traded?

Stock Inter is a highly priced internet stock whose earnings in the coming year (E1) is expected to be $1 per share. Investors expect these earnings to grow at 80% (g) per year for the next 5 years. The growth rate is estimated by assuming that Dotnet reinvests 80% of its earnings (b= 0.8) at a return {R) of 100 % per year. Afte

Stock Price

Sarah wants to buy XYZ stock today. She estimates that it will be worth $490/share in exactly two-years from now, and she has a minimum return requirement of 15%. XYZ is not currently paying a dividend nor is it expected to pay one in the near future. What is the price Sarah should pay today for one share? a. $371 b. $4

Average annual rate of investment

An investor deposits $180,000 into a fixed, 5-year CD with annual compounding. At the maturity date, the CD is worth $211,000. What average annual rate was earned on this investment? a. 3.04% b. 3.23% c. 14.69% d. 17.22%

Finance/Accounting Problems: Dividend Policy

20. Dividend Policy. Here are several assertions about typical corporate dividend policies. Which of them are true? Write out a corrected version of any false statements. 1. Most companies set a target dividend payout ratio. 2. They set each year's dividend equal to the target payout ratio times that year's earnings. 3. Man


How do the objectives of evaluating financial conditions differ between internal managers and credit analysts? How are their objectives similar? Note: Cite the sources

Financial Performance

Explain the importance of evaluating governmental financial performance. Note: Cite the sources

Financial Reports

"Interim financial reports are not needed for state and government units since external users of financial reports have no need to assess monthly or quarterly performance of the government." Do you agree? Why or why not? Note: Cite the sources

Investment pools

Explain the difference between an internal cash and investments pool and an external cash and investment pool and describe some of the differences in accounting treatment between the two. Note: Cite the sources

Finance Questions

1. Published financial statements are historical. If so, how can they be used to forecast the future? 2. Discuss the interlocking connections among the three primary financial statements and explain why conventional reporting of financial information does not provide complete information upon which financial decisions can b

Financial Ratios

I need to identify four financial ratios and state what they tell me about a firm and why it's important to understand what they mean to a bank or an investor. I need to include reasoning. I am not discussing overall categories such as Liquidity, Activity, Debt, Profitability and Market Ratios. I need to discuss specifics w

Impact on share price

What is the likely impact on the share price of a company (assuming all other variables remain unchanged) arising from the following independent events: 1. the company's beta increases 2. the company's required rate of return decreases 3. the expected dividend to be paid next year from the company decreases 4. the rate of gr

Conduct a break even analysis and can one be done

How do you conduct a break even analysis and can one be done with the following information, using the numerical calculations break-even analysis? A County Sheriff's Department sells its products (officers) to contract cities at a cost of $197,000 per officer. Each officer works 40 hours per week. The contract city purchase

Finance - Introduction to Corporate Finance

Introduction to Corporate Finance - (Cash Conversion, Inventory, and Receivables Management) 4. What aspects must managers consider when deciding on a trade credit policy for the firm? 6. What factors should managers consider when determining the company's collection policy?

Finance Questions: Debt/Equity Ratio

1) What are the debt/equity ratio and the debt ratio for a firm with total debt of $700,000 and equity of $300,000? 2) A firm with sales of $500,00 has average inventory of $200,000. The industry average for inventory turnover is four times a year. What would be the reduction in inventory if this firm were to achieve a turnov

Total & Annual Cost

1. Total Cost: An oil company arranged a $10,000,000 revolving credit agreement with a group of small banks. The firm paid an annual commitment fee of one-half of one percent of the unused balance of the loan commitment. On the used portion of the loan, it paid 1.5 percent above prime for the funds actually borrowed on an annual

Financial Ratio Analysis Report

A. Using the included attachment, JC Penney 3 year trend table of all financial ratios included under the following four categories of ratios (Liquidity, Efficiency, Leverage, and Profitability). Include a brief rationale for each ratio you have calculated. Also present in the table the industry average for each ratio. b. Co