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Amortization Schedule

There are seven years remaining on a ten year car loan. The interest rate is 10.25%. The monthly payments are $450.00. The credit union is willing to accept the present value of the loan as a pay off. develop an amortization schedule Using excel that shows how much will need to be paid at the end of each of the ten years. design

Accounting - Juan's Taco Company has restauraunts in five college towns.

I am stuck and need help with the following problem: Problem P4-20 Chapter 4, Block & Hirt, Finance and Accounting 11th edition Juan's Taco Company has restauraunts in five college towns. Juan wants to expand into Austin and College Station and needs a bank loan to do this. Mr. Bryan, the banker, will fin

Financial management

1) The prices for the Guns and Hoses Corporation for the first quarter of 2005 are given below. Find the holding period return for February. Month End Price January $135.28 February 119.40 March 141.57 2) If a corporation has operating income of $10,500,000 and it receives $245,000 in interest income and $312,00

Break-Even Analysis and Costs

Barry Carter is considering opening a music store. He wants to estimate the number of CDs he must sell to break even. The CDs will be sold for $13.98 each, variable operating costs are $10.48 per CD, and annual fixed operating costs are $73,500. a. Find the operating breakeven point in number of CDs. b. Calculate the total ope

Financial management

1) Made-It common stock currently sells for $22.50 per share. The company's executives anticipate a constant growth rate of 10 percent and an end of year dividend of $2. A) What is your expected rate of return if you buy the stock for $22.50. B) If you require a a 17 percent return, should you purchase the stock? 2) Pio

Financial Management

The LOGOS Corporation is planning on issuing bonds that pay no interest but can be converted into $1,000 at maturity, 7 years from their purchase. To price these bonds competitively with other bonds of equal risk, it is determined that they should yield 9%, compounded annually. At what price should the LOGOS corporation sell the

Finance - For markets to be in equilibrium:

For markets to be in equilibrium (that is, for there to be no strong pressure for prices to depart from their current levels), a. The expected rate of return must be equal to the required rate of return; that is, . b. The past realized rate of return must be equal to the expected rate of return; that is, . c. The required r

Finance : Depreciation and Amortization

Value of the vehicle V depreciates T Months later V=10,000(.95)^t [for 0<T<36] How much is the depreciation? (those are less than or equal to signs) I already did the amort. portion. I need help with the depreciation. *The value should be 10,000 not 1000 as indicated in the problem. I have a Finance problem. It is time t

Stock Values and Growth Opportunities

I need to have the formulas and intermediate steps provided along with the answers. 1. Stock Values The Brennan Co. just paid a dividend of $1.40 per share on its stock. The dividends are expected to grow at a constant rate of 6% per year indefinitely. If investors require a 12% return on the Brennan Co. stock, what is the c

Investment Questions

1. Sam's Company expects to pay a dividend of $6 per share at the end of year one, $9 per share at the end of year two, and then be sold for $136 per share at the end of year two. If the required rate on the stock is 20%, what is the current value of the stock? 2. FastGrow is a no growth firm and has 2 million

Managerial Finance - Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a pharmacist earning $90,000 per year and he is deciding whether to purchase a pharmacy and become the owner/manager of a business that generates revenue of $500,000 per year. The pharmacy has expenses of $200,000/yr. for supplies, $75,000/yr. for hired help, $50,000/yr. for rent, and $10,000 for utilities. You m

Expected Return

The market and Stock J have the following probability distributions: Probability rm rj 0.3 15% 20% 0.4 9 5 0.3 18 12 A. Calculate the expected rates of return for the market and Stock J. B. Calculate the standard deviations for the market and Stock J. C. Calculate the coefficient of variat

Stock Projections

Garrett Corp. has been going through a difficult financial period. Over the past three year, its stock price has dropped from $50 to $18 per share. Throughout this downturn, Garrett has managed to pay a $1 dividend each year. Management feels the worst is over but intends to maintain the $1 dividend for three more years, after w

Margin Buying

Discuss margin buying of common stocks. Include in your discussion the advantages and disadvantages, the types of margin requirements, how these requirements are met, and who determines these requirements.

Multiple Choice Questions- Financial Markets

Multiple Choice Questions: 1. The interest rate charged by banks with excess reserves at a Federal Reserve Bank to banks needing overnight loans to meet reserve requirements is called the_________. A) prime rate B) discount rate C) federal funds rate D) call money rate E) money market rate 2. You want to purch

Multiple Choice- Financial Markets

Multiple Choice Questions: 1. Assume that you manage a $10.00 million mutual fund that has a beta of 1.05 and a 12.00% required return. The risk-free rate is 4.75%. You now receive another $10.00 million, which you invest in stocks with an average beta of 0.65. What is the required rate of return on the new $20.00 million por

Multiple Choice- Financial Markets

Multiple Choice Questions: 1. XYZ Inc.'s stock has a 50% chance of producing a 30% return, a 25% chance of producing a 9% return, and a 25% chance of producing a -25% return. What is XYZ's expected return? A. 14.4% B. 15.2% C. 16.0% D. 16.8% E. 17.6% 2. An investor has a 2-stock portfolio with $50,000 invested in S

Demand, Market Surveys, Market Experiments, Linear Regression

OTA, please assist with the following questions based on your business experience and education. Please cite any sources. A) How do you think Apple Computer determines demand, market surveys, market experiments, linear regression? B) Do you think Apple computer stock will continue to rise? C) How has the software market

Types of Mortgages

Here is a type of mortgage problem that I always have trouble with. I think I can get the first part just fine but get stuck on part 2. If you can work it out slowly, it would be helpful. Question: You buy a house for $500,000 and put 20% down payment. You get a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 6.2% . A) What is your

Multiple Choice Questions Finance/Stock Markets

Multiple Choice Questions : 1. Which of the following statements is most correct? a. A good goal for a corporate manager is maximization of expected EPS. b. Most business in the US is conducted by corporations; corporations' popularity results primarily from their favorable tax treatment. c. A good example of an agen

Estimate the value of a privately-held firm based on the following information

1. Estimate the value of a privately-held firm based on the following information: total market value (or capitalization value) of a comparable firm = $200,000; net income of a comparable firm = $40,000; number of shares outstanding of the comparable firm = 20,000; net income for the target firm - $15,000; number of shares outst

A venture capitalist wants to estimate the value of a new venture.

A venture capitalist wants to estimate the value of a new venture. The venture is not expected to produce net income or earnings until the end of year 5 when the net income is estimated at $1,600,000. A publicly-traded competitor or "comparable firm" has current earnings of $1,000,000 and a market capitalization value of $10,000

Short Term Volatility

The Gold Rush Mining Company is concerned about short-term volatility in its revenues. Gold currently sells for $300 an ounce, but the price is volatile and could fall as low as $280 or rise as high as $320 in the next month. The company will bring 1,000 ounces to the market next month. a. What will be total revenues if the fi

Reconciling analyst's views

You are a junior analyst at a well-known mutual fund company (i.e., a buy-side analyst) and are assigned to value, say, the stock of General Electric. You look around at what famous analysts have written and you find one who says that the stock is overpriced at its current price (roughly $42/ share as of October 9, 2007). Anot

The Stafford Coal Seam

The Stafford coal seam contains 25,000 tons of coal. It costs $100 per ton to extract the coal and deliver it to the market. (This is a constant marginal cost). The demand for coal can be represented by the following inverse demand equation: P = 600 - 0.02*Q. a. If you were only concerned with this period, what would the o