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Capital Structure and Firm Value

Leverage and Capital Structure: Carolina Fastener, INC

Urgent help is needed Integrative-Multiple Leverage measures and prediction Carolina Fastener, INC makes a patented marine bulkhead latch that wholesales for $6.00. Each latch has variable operating costs of $3.50. Fixed operating costs are $50,000 per year. The firm pays $13,000 interest and preferred dividends of $7,000 pe

AT&T Pre Breakup

When the Bell System was originally broken up, the old AT&T was split into a new AT&T plus seven regional telephone companies. The specific reason for forcing the breakup was to increase the degree of competition in the telephone industry. In the court order that set the terms of the breakup, the capital structures of the su

Consumer Focus: Identifying Costs of focus groups

Identifying Costs Consumer Focus is a marketing research firm that organizes focus groups for consumer-product companies. Each focus group has eight individuals who are paid $50 per session to provide comments on new products. These focus groups meet in hotels, and are led by a trained, independent marketing specialist hired

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth. A firm has decided that its optimal capital structure is 100 percent equity financed. It perceives its optimal dividend policy to be a 40 percent payout ratio. Asset turnover is sales/assets - .8, the profit margin is 10 percent, and the firm has a target growth rate of 5 percent. 1. Is the firm's targe

Capital Structure Problem Set

11. Assuming that all other factors remain unchanged, determine how a firm's breakeven point is affected by each of the following: a. The firm finds it necessary to reduce the price per unit because of competitive conditions in the market. b. The firm's direct labor costs increase as a result of a new labor contract. c.

Organizational structure :sample question

As mentioned in unit 1, a successful organization understands the cultural differences in various divisions or branches. It uses culture to overcome management challenges, implement strategic initiatives, and develop business opportunities. Organizations with an exceptional culture are usually run by leaders who understand and

Plato Inc. expects net income of $5,000,000 next year. Plato's target capital structure is 35% debt and 65% equity. Management estimates that the optimal capital budget for the coming year is $6,000

Please help with the following questions Plato Inc. expects net income of $5,000,000 next year. Plato's target capital structure is 35% debt and 65% equity. Management estimates that the optimal capital budget for the coming year is $6,000,000. If Plato follows a residual dividend policy, what is its payout ratio?

Important information about Leverage and Capital Structure

I need assistance solving the problems. Can you help? P12-2 Breakeven comparisons-Algebraic. Given the price and cost data shown in the accompanying table for each of the three firms, F, G, and H, answer the following questions. Firm F G H Sale price per unit $18 $21 $30 Variable operating cost per unit

Organizational Structure, Culture & Design

Please help with the following study questions. Thank you. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with network structures? Justify your answers. 2. How does technology complexity affect organizational structure? Justify your answer with examples. Thanks!!!!

Marketing Concepts in International Business

Research and describe the four primary organizational structures/models used by international businesses: global product area functional customer For each structure/model, select a company that uses one of the structures/models, and discuss the reasons why the company selected that approach based on the product or serv

SaveWithUs: Analyze corporate structure - stakeholders, policy IT project

You turn your attention inward, to SaveWithUs's corporate structure. Most companies can be described as having either a steep hierarchy with lots of levels and strict reporting relations broad hierarchy with a few levels of reporting and a looser reporting structure network with group authority, purpose driven reporting a

Please answer the following questions:

These need to be answered in your own words, 90 words each. Discuss the relationship between your own company's organizational structure and the dominant culture of the organization. (Either an online school, or the Army) Resistance to change is a difficult hurdle for organizations. In an organization you know well, discus

Optimal capital structure

Debreu Beverages has an optimal capital structure that is 50% common equity, 40% debt, and 10% preferred stock. Debreu's pretax cost of equity is 12%. It's pretax cost of preferred equity is 7%, and it's pretax cost of debt is also 7%. If the corporate tax rate is 35%, what is the weighed average cost of capital? a) between

Capital Assets, which tax bracket?

During 2007, Reed had the following transactions involving capital assets: Gain on the sale of customized ice-fishing cabin $8,000 (held for 11 months and used for recreational purposes Loss from a garage sale (personal clothing, furniture, (6,000) appliances held for more than a year) Loss on the

Capital Structure Analysis & Swaps

Problem 1 The Rivoli Company has no debt outstanding and its financial position is given by the following data: Assets (book = market) $3,000,000 EBIT 500,000 Cost of equity rs 10% Stock pric

Finance: Organizational Structure

Please help with the given questions: Write a peer review of the attached organizational structure, using these criteria: 1-Is the organizational structure appropriate for the business selected? Explain. 2-Do other structural elements, such as work specialization and span of control, seem appropriate for the business select

Operating Leverage and Breakeven

Need help understanding the problem. Thanks Problem 13-10 Otis Day's company manufactures and sells men's suits. His trademark gray flannel suits are popular on Wall Street and in boardrooms throughout the East. Each suit sells for $800. Fixed costs are $200,000 and variable costs are $250 per suit. a. What is

Stock split and risk - Ethier and Laurence Inc

Please provide these answers in Excel so that I can figure out the steps. 1.Ethier enterprise has an unlevered beta of 1.0. Ethier is financed with 50% debt and has a levered beta of 1.6. If the risk-free rate is 5.3% and the market risk premium is 6%, how much is the additional premium that Ethier's shareholders require to b

Finance: Market Structure

Select one of the market structures (monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, or perfect competition) and identify a company for that market structure. Then write a paragraph in which you describe the pricing and non-pricing strategies in use by that company.