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    Organizational structure

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    You are hired as the HR consultant for a popular restaurant known for its efficient production process and good food. However, some glitches in serving customers have been reported to the management. These glitches can only be attributed to personnel error.

    You have been hired to re-design the organizational structure and various personnel functions in the restaurant. Your appointment for the job is still not known to the employees. You decide to pay a visit to the restaurant on a crowded Friday night.

    You arrive at the restaurant with your dinner date. You plan to have Mexican food at the restaurant. The place is packed. While some patrons seem to be enjoying themselves, some appear dissatisfied.

    After half an hour's wait, a steward appears to take your order. You place your order informing him that you want your salsa without spices.

    After half an hour's wait, you are served a wrong dish. You bring it to the attention of another steward passing by. He apologizes and you repeat your specific order to him. He returns with the correct dish 20 minutes later. But now the salsa is spicy! You are furious but you keep your control. The steward apologizes profusely for the error.

    Your observation exercise is complete. You can see that the restaurant has a problem with its human resource planning, training, operations, and the organizational structure.

    Re-design the organizational structure and various functions for this restaurant in terms of:

    Line/staff or matrix

    Add any suggestions that you feel would be helpful. Provide rationale for your recommendations.

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    To reorganize the structure of the restaurant, you must take the following steps:

    1. You must first understand what current organizational structure of the restaurant is
    2. What does the restaurant do well? What are they doing that is not beneficial?
    3. Next outline what needs to be done for the company to succeed.
    4. Determine who should be involved in the new planning process
    5. What would the ideal restaurant look like
    6. What new equipment, resources, or employees would be required
    7. Develop a ...

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